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Joseph Svinth
18th June 2000, 09:14
In the military I was always told that there are no bad soldiers, only bad supervisors. If this is true (and I am not saying that it is), then shouldn't anyone who walks in the door be welcomed and taught whatever is being taught that night, and then encouraged to come back later?

On the other hand, if the instructor should only accept the most gifted or personable or dedicated students, how did the rest of us get here?


18th June 2000, 09:52
That is a very good question. If it were based on my natural abilities, I wouldn't have been able to take a throw without hitting my head, which accounts for "the rest of us" statement. I couldn't do a forward roll for the life of me, and that was also true in gym class, doing tumbling exercises. I can still feel the pain in my head and my neck. Ouch!!

Mark F. Feigenbaum

19th June 2000, 03:54
Hi Joe,

There is an old saying and it's true:

"...When the student is ready the Master will appear."

Things just have a way of working out in that regard.


Tommy K. Militello

Cameron Wheeler
19th June 2000, 09:19
I remember my master saying to me a student can only fail if he dosn't train, if he can't understand a technique it is left to the sensei to find a way to teach them. some of his other quotes include "it is not being knocked downd that makes you a failure, it is not getting up"


21st June 2000, 08:46
As long as were on the subject of old sayings, then this is my favorite all timer: "Learn from the mistakes of others. You may not live long enough to make them all yourself." by Jigoro Kano