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8th January 2005, 09:36
Any informations, thoughts, opinions? ;)

8th January 2005, 11:15
I think it's "Yamanni ryu, bo jutsu of Okinawa"
and this should be in one of the "Okinawan Martial Arts" forums maybe?

8th January 2005, 15:37
Yep it's Yamanni Ryu!

8th February 2005, 11:54
Yamanni Ryu or Yamanni Chinnen ryu is unlike other Okinawan weapons in that it is not "karate" with weapons. It's principle weapon is the rokushaku bo or six foot staff. It is a very powerful and fluid style that resembles to many Chinese martial arts and Swordsmanship. It is extremeley sophisticated and difficult to learn. Many people think that if they are good at karate, it sounds like it will be easy...but actually will be more difficult as you will find yourself breaking bad habits. However, it is meant to be studied with karate to enhance body mechanics and awareness. The hall mark of this style are its flowing and rapid hitting techiniques that flow from one technique to another. I'll put it this way, in the hands of an expert like Nishime Sensei or Oshiro Sensei, at full speed, the eye cannot even pick up the speed..... meaning: you can't see the bo at all! The power generated from a strike is strong enough to shatter a blade if hit properly as well as cut through an opponents staff. It is supposed to be that fast. and powerful!..so you can imagine how powerful and fast their empty hand is because of these principles. Historically, it was a family art passed down through the Chinnen family and was used by the elite Okinawan Samurai to guard the emperor/king. Lineage wise, there are only two active instructors qualified to promote and demonstrate the art outside of Okinawa/Japan. They are Nishime Sensei (Cincinnati, Ohio), and Oshiro Sensei(San Fran Bay Area). Both gentleman have students that instruct under their supervision. This art is very deep and sophisticate and arguably the most devastating and dynamic bojutsu systems out there. Oshiro Sensei recently released a video that demonstrates Very Basic techniques of this style. Both of these individuals are extremely skilled and gifted with a rare balance of internal, external, and spiritual technique.