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18th January 2005, 23:12
I have for sale a copy of Naked Blade by Toshishiro Obata
The book is in a slightly used condition with underlining on a few pages. Other than that it is in good condition. This book normally fetches 100+$ on Ebay. I will wait a few days for people to e-mail offers before placing this item on Ebay.
Please send all correspondence to afrogeta916@yahoo.com

Thank you,

Alex Bushman

Naked Blade - A Manual Of Samurai Swordsmanship by Toshishiro Obata. 1985, Dragon Books. ISBN: 0946062188

This book is out of print.

A study of Toyama-Ryu Batto Jutsu. The author lists his background/training and then explains the history of the Japanese sword (Katana), Japanese sword martial arts, and profiles sword smiths Yasuhiro & To-Sho Kobayashi.

Text & black and white photos are used by the author.

Wearing and properly gripping the sword are covered before the author shows a series of chapters dealing with the basic techniques of his style. A chapter on Tameshigiri is also covered.

A very informative and detailed book on one of the Japanese sword martial arts.