View Full Version : Aikijujutsu in Arizona?

22nd January 2005, 01:49
Hello, my name is Eric Peterson and I just recently moved to Arizona. I have been training in Daito-Ryu aikijujitsu in New York and would like to continue training. Anybody know of a school in the state of Arizona that may train in Daito-Ryu? Thank-you

Nathan Scott
29th January 2005, 05:49
Mr. Peterson,

I don't know what is happening in AZ, but I renamed your thread to fit within our format and increase your results.


1st February 2005, 20:41
Mr. Peterson,
Where in Arizona are you? People might know of a Dojo, but don't post as they think you couldn't possibly be in their little corner of the state (city).

Welcome to the sunshine!! (or snow as the case may be)