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24th January 2005, 12:37
Ok, so I'm a Toyama Ryu Batto student in Japan on a militry installation. On our base we have several forms of Martial arts offered, as well as a few others in the local community. Well....I keep hearinf about Tai Kai's and really like the idea. I was wondering if anyone could help me gen up some idea to pitch to my sensei that maybe we could sponsor a mini-taikai for our area. I already know how to work locals coming on base, that's no concern. The real concern is just planning. And pitching the idea to Sensei. Hopefully I'm not making my sensei out to be some mean guy (he's exactly the opposite. I love learning from him). But, as a student to sensei....well...you get the idea already.
Any ideas?
P.S. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum. This looked like the best one for this type of question. Thanks! :) :wave: :smilejapa :karatekid

9th February 2005, 00:53
To pitch it to your sensei I would begin by commenting about tai kais in general and then end it with something like, "You know (pause for dramatic effect), I think it would be awesome if we could host a tai kai. Would you be up for something like that Sensei?" See what his/her response is. Then you can explain that you would organize and help with all of the necessary arrangements.

9th February 2005, 12:52
From my experience - it is a matter of patience and politeness.

You should start by finding out what your sense position on Tai-Kai is. Be sensitive about it, and don't peach too strongly. You should try and identify what would he consider wrong. Only afterwards, can you continue your efforts.

From my experience, the most persuasive way is to mention other similar events, and let things set down for a while before you make any suggestion.


Smart Alex
11th February 2005, 20:33
Get Him out for sake. People are always more amenable to things when they are drunk.