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2nd December 2002, 02:53
I have had a request from someone seeking the following information.
If anyone could assist I would appreciate it - perhaps with a PM response.

He is looking for Nippon Budokan Foundation (Zaidan Houjin Nippon Budokan)and a directory of the Nihon Kobudou Association (Nihon Kobudou Kyoukai) members.

Thank you

Frances Haynes

Frances Haynes

CourageousHeart Bujinkan

2nd December 2002, 05:56
Nippon Budokan (http://www.nipponbudokan.or.jp/)

List of Kyoukai Members (http://www.nipponbudokan.or.jp/shinkou/html_1/main9.html)

Daniel Lee
2nd December 2002, 07:55
Check the thread E-Budo.com > Koryu Bujutsu > Jujutsu > Jujutsu Koryu Styles (http://www.e-budo.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=14863) for a romanized list too.

2nd December 2002, 11:16
Much thanks!

13th April 2004, 05:25
Do these books contain any other information about the ryu besides headmasters and location? Like branches off the mainline/succession or description of the schools and their study?

Nihon Kobudo Shinkokai
Nihon Kobudo Kyokai

I know they are in Japanese, I cannot read (or obtain) them yet.

Thanks for the help.

13th April 2004, 05:58
My question makes no sense unless you realize that I had the names of the organizations mixed up with the list of ryu recognized by them in book form that I believed was referred to on koryu.com and other places.

Sorry for the moronics, can someone please clarify?

edited: If it isn't perfectly freakin clear, I desire a sort of encyclopedia of ryu as recognized by the organizations and I was sure there was such a japanese text or two. But there may well not be. It is hard to get much knowledge even by searching through thousands of threads here.

god was there something in my water tonight?

15th April 2004, 12:37
I think that what you meant is something like the "Nihon Kobudo Soran" published by the Kobudo Kyokai group a few years back (Heisei 9?)....It can be purchased here:
Nihon Kobudo Soran at Budogu.com (http://budogu.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/page16.html)
.....I think this is what you want....Although it is not comprehensive it contains information and contact details for all the Koryu in the Nihon Kobudo Kyokai and there are interesting sections on the various Itto Ryu lines...
The book is divided into sections such as "Taijutsu/Jujutsu", "Kenjutsu", "Sojutsu", "Hojutsu" and such....With a large amount of information on each school mentioned...It is a book that is well worth having if you intend to train or contact the Koryu involved...
It also has a basic map for those who can't understand the Japanese address system....Heh....
Hope it helps?

15th April 2004, 15:33
Thank you Mr. Sharples, that is exactly what I was looking for. It is referred to in so many of the various websites I have read that tracking it down was getting irritating.

Thanks again,

7th February 2005, 12:09
I am looking for information about a certain ryu and isn't listed neither on koryu.com nor here (http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/6065/).
I was wondering if there is a comprehensive list, available on the Internet, of ryuha names associated with the Nihon Kobudo Shinkokai or the Nihon Kobudo Kyokai. Japanese is ok.

George Kohler
7th February 2005, 12:46
Here is the website for Nihon Kobudo Kyokai, which has a list that is in Japanese.


8th February 2005, 13:22
Thanks George, that's exactly what I was looking for. Strangely, I'm getting timeouts when trying to connect from here. My friends from Japan and USA say that it's working ok, I hope is a temporary router issue.

8th February 2005, 23:11
The last issue of "Budo" Magazine (In Japanese) carried pages full of info. Ryu in the Nihon Kobudo Kyokai were invited to use the pages to show who they were, who was in each ryu and where etc. Nothing flashy more like a group meishi.

This was ours.


To add to that there seems to be a number of groups in foreign countries that are now advertizing that they are "members" of the Nihon Kobudo Kyokai. I am not trying to be officious but feel there is perhaps a need to put up a bit of info on this for the benefit of anyone wanting to join a club/group that make these claims.

This is not possible. To gain entry into the association each Ryu must provide clear proof of succession and ability in "Japan only". In turn each Ryu are asked at the begining of each year to provide a list of members that will take part in Nihon Kobudo Kyokai events. Needless to say it is in the best interests of each ryu to only submit the most experienced of their Ryu. We have six.

This does "not" include foreign members living outside Japan although there is trend to let visiting foreign members sometimes take part to show a certain intanashionaru flavor.

The Kyokai is closely linked to Nippon Budokan. Both the previous retired and present chairman were working there and have the time, experience and connections to organize us.

To put it clearly any other countries group claiming to be members are a fraud.

I am told that the The Nihon Kobudo Shinkokai is a smaller more select group linked with Kobudo Kyokai in respect that some of the same ryu are members of both. Membership to this seems to be more advanced. My name was submitted early last year to do a demonstration this coming July.

Sadly we only get around eight to ten minutes to do our thing at these events.

This is as much as I have gleaned up to now and would be pleased if anyone can add to that.

Ron Beaubien
10th February 2005, 10:35

The 28th Nihon Kobudo Enbu Taikai will take place this Sunday, February 13th, at the new Hyogo Prefectural Budokan from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.

I don't have to demonstrate this year, but I'll be heading down from Tokyo to take photos instead.

There will be 33 ryuha demonstrating and it is generally considered the best koryu bujutsu demonstration of the year. If you will be in the area, I recommend that you consider attending. It only costs 500 yen for adults and 300 yen for children.

Here is more information on the demonstration:



I'll be going down on the 12th and probably visit Himeji Castle as the last time I saw it was probably 10 years ago. I'm also considering going to Engyoji on Mr. Shosha.

I'll be pretty busy during on the day of the demonstration, but don't be afraid to say hello if you see a guy with a large white lens stuck to his head.

Is anyone else planning to attend?

Any suggestions on any traditional sites or areas worth visiting near the city?



10th February 2005, 11:01
Yes I will be there. Rehearsal Saturday and we also plan to go to Himeji given the time.

I have to do something for NHK TV so I cant be sure whats happening yet.

10th February 2005, 11:41
So does that mean that we can expext to see you on T.V.? If so, can you give the details of when it will be shown?

paul manogue
10th February 2005, 13:39
Hey guys, I went to the link but my work computer wont show kanji, who is doing the yagyu shinkageryu kenjutsu from aichi?
Just curious, my old aikido sensei sugihara sensei use to do a shindo muso ryu demo there every year, but it looks like someone from tokyo is doing it this year.

10th February 2005, 13:59
Enjoy Himeji! The castle is very good, there is a garden there as well. They filmed a bit of Last Samurai at Engyoji on Shoshazan, but it is still worth going to. :D Some of our ryu members will be wandering about, but obviously not demonstrating. If they knew about e-budo I am sure they'd welcome you. Wish I could be there, I miss it since this summer.

I do know a couple of good izakaya and other things if you like to know. Not the best sword/antique shops, but a few overpriced ones on the covered mall before the castle.

Steve Delaney
10th February 2005, 15:38
Wish I could be there. I'll be in Japan for April for Asakusa Riverside though. Hope to see some of the regulars then.

Earl Hartman
10th February 2005, 17:36
The photographs at the Hyogo Budokan site showed Yagyu Nobuharu Sensei demonstrating Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, so I guess the Yagyu Kai from Nagoya wil be demonstrating.

Just a minor point: Yagyu Shinkage Ryu is classified as a type of kenjutsu, but members of the ryu do not call it kenjutsu, they call it "hyoho", the most popular translation of which seems to be "strategy" (this can also be pronounced "heiho").

I have heard that Himeiji Castle is quite nice. I hope I can go see it someday.

However, can anybody tell me why Wado Ryu karate is included? That's about as modern an art as you can find.

10th February 2005, 17:39
Any suggestions on any traditional sites or areas worth visiting near the city? At the base of Shoshazan, near the tram ride to the temple, there is a city museum, Shosha Arts and Crafts Museum, which shows the traditional crafts of the area. Super pricy gift shop, but some very interesting crafts unique to the area. Among these are the famous "White Leather" goods and "Myochin-furin," chimes made by the famous armor-making family Myochin, who have been making among the best armor historically and live in Himeji for many generations. These chimes are very nice, but the Sankyo-depaato near the train station has them for a bit cheaper and they take Visa. A mom-and-pop kitchen knife store on Miyukidori, the covered mall between the train station and Himeji-jo, also sells Myochin furin for the best price, but cash only. There is a store just south of the station which also sells traditional goods, but they too are very pricy.

Another museum that may be of interest is the Prefectural museum of history (http://www.city.himeji.hyogo.jp/art/english/index.html), but I didn't go, and I am not sure if they have English-language text. It is just beside the castle.

Himeji-jo's garden, Ko-koen (http://www.ryokka.jibasan.or.jp/kokoen/index_en.html) is nice and features 9 styles of garden techniques. There is a combo pass with the castle.

Well here (http://www.hyogo-tourism.jp/english/castle_town/sample_itinerary/himeji.html) is a good website that talks a bit more of these attractions.

Miyukidori has the requisite shops and I'm sure anybody will navigate it on their own and find what they can. Himeji is a bit of a backwaters, but it has some interesting things.

Okayama is only 30-40 minutes away by shinkansen and they have quite the spectacular garden, "Korakuen". And some samurai districts, but their castle is a reconstruction and not quite as impressive as Himeji-jo. Still, it's a great view of the donjon from the garden. There is a thread in the history forum that has some of my pictures of these castles, just use "search".

There is a whisky/fish-chips bar called "Hosanna" to the left off the main street before the castle. Fish/chips were decent, whiskey was stellar. They speak English, and one of the bartenders has visited England a few times and loves American football. Only in Japan would you have a fish/chips/whiskey place with a Jewish word/name and a barkeep who loves the Denver Broncos and Elway...
Three Izakaya I liked quite a bit, but I can't find their meeshi right now. If you want them, I can look a bit harder. One is off Miyukidori, the other two require a taxi but are worth it. Japanese fluency is pretty much required, but that shouldn't be a problem for you folk.

Sorry to hijack the thread, but I miss living there. Peter Rehse, an e-budo member, lives there full time and may have more suggestions.

Have fun, raise a pint for me...

edited to add: The rail station tourist booth has some english language maps and brochures for a lot of this stuff too, but you all are old hands, so I'm sure you'll find what you can.

Ron Beaubien
11th February 2005, 09:20
Mr. J. Nicolaysen,

Thank you for all the information!

I had searched the internet as well, but it really helps to hear the opinion from someone who knows the place better than I do. It has probably changed quite a bit since I was there last and I only had time to run to the castle and back on previous trips.

I printed your suggestions and will be taking them down with me.

I'm packing at the moment and so probably will not be able to reply until I get back on Monday.

Thanks again for your help.


Ron Beaubien

Ron Beaubien
13th February 2005, 16:05

A recipe for disaster...

Take one just built high-tech budokan, add the Morishige-ryu and a dash of organizers that fail to fully plan ahead. Confused? Read on.

The Kobudo Kyokai's 2005 Demonstration in Himeji was going quite smoothly. Sure they were running about 20 minutes late, but there were no major problems to report. Apparently, the demonstration was quite a big deal for the local people as they even had held a rehearsal the day before the demonstration. (In contrast, at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo there was a rehearsal for the first ever Nihon Kobudo Embu Taikai but there hasn't been a rehearsal held in years to my knowledge.)

Their new budokan in Himeji was quite nice. It was only built three years ago and features the best in Japanese engineering. The main floor was apparently all natural and was not waxed if I understand correctly. If so, I imagine that Hyogo Prefecture might reconsider about sealing that floor after what happened today.

The demonstration was winding down. Morishige-ryu, which was the last ryuha to demonstrate, had taken the floor and since they were facing away from us I decided to start packing up my camera gear. Have you ever wondered why the guys with the guns always go last? I always thought they just wanted to end on a "bang" but I was wrong.

Anna Seabourne of Bitchuden Takenouchi-ryu was sitting next to me and as the shots rang out and the smoke began to rise, we suddenly heard this "hissing" noise, like compressed air being shot through small holes. No sooner than Anna said; "That sounds like the sprinkler..." Wham! We start getting hit with the water! Right from the ceiling above our heads the water just rains down all over half of the budokan. People running and screaming. General panic all around. I made a dash with my camera bag and jacket while my tripod was forced to fend for itself.

Apparently the local people who run the Hyogo Prefectural Budokan failed to recognize that the smoke from hinawaju might cause the high-tech budokan's automated systems to assume that where there was smoke there was fire.

I don't know if any of you have ever been in a building when there sprinkler system activates, but "sprinkle" is not an appropriate word for the situation. Water just poured out of the ceiling. Even though I only had to sprint up one flight of stairs, I got pretty wet and remained damp the rest of the day.

On the lower seating level where we had been sitting, there was about an inch of water on the floor when I went back to rescue my tripod. We then wiped off and packed up for the long journey home. When we left, there were still thirty or so people down on the main dojo floor trying to clean up all the mess and a fire truck outside to add to the embarrassment.

Making my way back to Tokyo on the Shinkansen, I was surprise to see that on the screen above the doors leading to other carriages, as the Asahi Shimbun's headlines flashed by they mentioned that the sprinkler system went off during the Nihon Kobudo Embu Taikai soaking the crowd and that it took the organizers three minutes to finally shut the water off. Ha! Nothing like some good media coverage to promote the classical martial traditions of Japan! I just smiled, closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep in my still damp clothes.

Next time I go to an indoor koryu demonstration I think I am going to bring an umbrella.



13th February 2005, 17:38
Lol, poor Himeji. I guess it is a little like Omaha, Nebraska getting to host the Olympics or something. Well I hope everyone had a good time in spite of the typhoon.

13th February 2005, 22:25
As the first guns started to fire we left the building to catch our train. Looks like I missed all the fun.

There was no rehearsal. Or should I say there was but we were the only ones there. We took advantage of the whole small hall/dojo from lunch until around 4.p.m. used the time to help some our members visiting from Tokyo and did one embu in the main area to get the feel of it.

I came upstairs to mingle a bit but was not sure where you were sitting Ron. I had a quick coffee with Peter Rehse and friend. Nice to see people in the flesh.

Steve Delaney
14th February 2005, 00:24
Thanks Ron,

I am no longer envious that I couldn't go to Hyogo now. LOL :D

Ron Beaubien
14th February 2005, 10:36

Media coverage we did get! Take a look:




14th February 2005, 21:06

Ummm....Hmmm. So any chance they're gonna ask the musket guys back again to set off the sprinklers one more time?

Wayne Muromoto

Earl Hartman
14th February 2005, 23:28

snerk, snurfle, gurk.....

Dan Harden
15th February 2005, 01:50
Ahh the beauty of antiquated, albiet proven, technologies- where only the locally effected sprinkler head would go off, thus minimizing water damage. The idea of the whole system activating from a single source such as a cigarette lighter was usually reserved for "B movie" idiot directors. In real life it almost never happens that you have wide spread activation unless the structure is seriously involved. Today,in various multi-story buildings the "loss" is not just fire and smoke anymore-its water damages. But water damage is cheaper then life anyday.

But people love new technology, to the point that they will experiment with your money. As one fire captain recently said to me while reviewing plans "We don't have as many fires anymore-just false alarms. These systems have too many bugs- to be worked out at the owners expense.

I'll be seeing him again this week. I need to tell him about shooting muskets off in a modern buiding. That request would have been a non-starter here. No one who was on his game would have entertained it.
Too rich.............:)

Steve Delaney
15th February 2005, 03:12
Brings a whole new meaning to the term, "up in smoke" :)

George Kohler
15th February 2005, 03:43
Originally posted by Earl Hartman

snerk, snurfle, gurk.....

Don't choke on yourself, Earl!

15th February 2005, 05:31
I was wondering, what was that constant noise we could hear that sounded like Pan Pipes? I get that sort of noise over my speakers when a mobile message is coming in.

15th February 2005, 05:32
Well here is a picture of the castle in case you missed it with all the excitement:

15th February 2005, 05:57
Ahh but I did see it!

Ron Beaubien
15th February 2005, 10:59

Wayne Muromoto wrote:

Ummm....Hmmm. So any chance they're gonna ask the musket guys back again to set off the sprinklers one more time?

The Nihon Kobudo Embu Taikai, which is put on by the Nihon Kobudo Kyokai, alternates among locations. Usually Tokyo and somewhere else. Right now it seems to be that the even numbered years the event is held in Tokyo at the Nippon Budokan. Odd numbered years the event is held at another location around the country. I believe Hyogo was chosen this year specifically to promote the use of their new budokan.

The demonstration usually finishes, as do many others, with the hinawaju at the end. I have never heard of the smoke causing problems at the Nippon Budokan nor at other venues for that matter. I'm sure the Morishige-ryu will be invited back as always, as they are members of the Nihon Kobudo Kyokai, but there are probably some of the local staff members of the Hyogo Prefectural Budokan who are in a lot of trouble at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if someone loses his job over this, especially if the floor warps and it has to be replaced or refinished.

I don't know if it would have been legal to turn the fire sprinklers and alarm off in a large building filled with people, but one would think that they would have planned ahead and lowered the system's sensitivity if need be just for that part of the demonstration.

Dan Harden wrote:

Ahh the beauty of antiquated, albiet proven, technologies- where only the locally effected sprinkler head would go off, thus minimizing water damage.

Actually, that is what happened. Only two of the sprinkler heads went off right above us. However, they produced enough water in three minutes to flood half of the budokan floor and the stands nearby. The other half of the budokan, the other areas, and lobby were unaffected.

It would have been funnier for me if I wasn't one of the people who got soaked. I would have been able to laugh pretty hard if I had been sitting on the dry side of the budokan.

Also I'm sure some of the people I work with at the Nippon Budokan were not happy with the situation. The Nihon Kobudo Kyokai's office is located within the Nippon Budokan.

The Nippon Budokan and Nihon Kobudo Kyokai were the main organizers. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Asahi Shimbun, NHK and a long list of others were sponsors. Elcom, the company that makes the koryu bujutsu video series for the Nippon Budokan, was there filming on that day as well. I imagine there will be some representatives of the Nippon Budokan making the rounds and apologizing to various organizations for the embarrassing mistake repeatedly for some time to come. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.



Ron Beaubien
15th February 2005, 11:14

I just took a look at my photos. Actually, the water covered more than half of the Hyogo Prefectural Budokan's floor.



15th February 2005, 11:33
I was just talking to Soke (I should say that he works for the Fire Service). He tells me when he was at the the opening ceremony of the building the same problem occured but only the alarm went off.

15th February 2005, 13:54
Ahh but I did see it! That's right, it must have been raining outside as well, lol. :D

26th February 2005, 04:17
Here is a picture of Soke and Hyakutake Colin of Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu from the Taikai, taken by a friend of mine who was there.

sven beulke
18th January 2006, 06:58
Hi All!
I have some questions about the kobudo organisations in japan.
I know the two big ones (Nihon Kobudo Shinikai and Nihon Kobudo Kyokai). Are there other organisation, for example regional operating not nationwide?
Are there lists of members (ryu) in the internet for the two organisations above?
How do these organisation define there goals and how do they try to archieve them (maybe there are official statements for this!)? Whats the benefit to be a member of one or more organisations for a ryu? What are the criteria to become a member (as a ryu or a group associated to a ryu). Maybe there are more questions but thats all for now.
Kind Regards

johan smits
19th January 2006, 07:48
Hi Sven,

For starters I know nothing about Japanese Kobudo organisations but if I were you I would contact the cultural attache of the Japanese embassy of your country. This is the kind of question they should be abel to help you with.

Best regards,

Johan Smits

sven beulke
19th January 2006, 09:37
Hi Johan!
Thats worth a try! Thanks! My question is aiming for people like Ron Robien who are members of these organisation.
Kind regards!

Erik Tracy
19th January 2006, 16:31
This sounds like the same line of questioning over on SFI:

Is there something in the air in Europe over this? :)


19th January 2006, 22:59
Hi All!
I have some questions about the kobudo organisations in japan.
I know the two big ones (Nihon Kobudo Shinikai and Nihon Kobudo Kyokai). Are there other organisation, for example regional operating not nationwide?
Are there lists of members (ryu) in the internet for the two organisations above?

How do these organisation define there goals and how do they try to achieve them (maybe there are official statements for this!)? Whats the benefit to be a member of one or more organisations for a ryu? What are the criteria to become a member (as a ryu or a group associated to a ryu). Maybe there are more questions but that's all for now.
Kind Regards

You will find a lot of your answers over on the SFI thread. Neither organization and few of the ryu within have or wish to have an internet presence. They are not the kind of groups that for example send emails to members. When I looked The only Kobudo Kyokai list up on the net is 11 years old? No it's not regional like ZNKR. A lot of ryu are members of both. Also only certain selected members of each ryu are members. Most of us put out a yearly Nenga Jo (New year message) in the magazine with respective names of seniors. What are the benefits? Dunno, but it cost me a small fortune to participate. We are going to start taking it it turns to do embu. Around 70,000 yen for eight minutes on the Budokan floor, three of them actually doing something! To me daily practice and helping students is far more important.

I would like to add a little and say that ryu strength is not based on internet presence. I know most people are aware of that but I constantly see quotes such as. "Well I can't find any info on the net so they cant be legit" On the contrary lots go on the net to try and give themselves some substance. But.....it is a great way to bring people together and organize international practice.

Bye the way it's Shinkokai. Shinikai sounds like we belong to a group for dying.

19th January 2006, 23:01
There are regional organisations that also promote the koryu through themselves, some are independant of the Shinkokai and Kyokai and some are loosely associated with it..The two organisations named above have control over all of Japan and are perhaps the most "official" of the groups here..
You could check the website for the Kyokai at http://www.nipponbudokan.or.jp/shinkou/html_1/index9.html
And it has a list of the ryuha it has currently under its wing there..In Japanese.
If your Japanese is up to it I would try a phone call or email to them at that address too..If you want to know they have all that information there.

20th January 2006, 01:07
And it has a list of the ryuha it has currently under its wing there..In Japanese.

Sorry I made a mistake. I had previously said 11 years old. Looking at the link put up by Ben it's Showa 54. That makes it a list made in 1979.

Ron Beaubien
20th January 2006, 11:00

There seems to be some confusion that I might be able to clarify a bit.

Sorry I made a mistake. I had previously said 11 years old. Looking at the link put up by Ben it's Showa 54. That makes it a list made in 1979.
Actually, that page states that February of Showa 54 (1979) was when the Nihon Kobudo Kyokai was founded ( 発足 ), followed by the organization's purpose, how it undertakes the task, and then followed by the list of member schools.

A program I have here for a Showa 56 demonstration by the Nihon Kobudo Kyokai also listed Nagao-ryu ( 長尾流 ) as one of the schools that demonstrated on that day. However, as can be seen on the website, Nagao-ryu is no longer listed as a member school of the organzation today.

I don't know how often that specific page on the website is updated, however at the very least, the Nippon Budokan does update the publication section of the website monthly when Gekkan Budo comes out. The events section is also updated fairly regularly. I would not be surprised to learn that other pages of the website are updated when needed.

I hope this helps.


Ron Beaubien

22nd January 2006, 19:37
Hi guys,

Yes they updated it recently and added the prefecture which the ryû is located in. Here is the listing.


Ryushin Kaichu-ryu jujutsu (Hokkaido)
Shosho-ryu yawara (Iwate)
Iga-ryuha Kasshin-ryu jujutsu (Ibaraki)
Kiraku-ryu jujutsu (Gunba)
Tenjin Shinyo-ryu jujutsu (Saitama)
Daito-ryu aikijujutsu (Tokyo)
Shinto Yoshin-ryu jujutsu
Tenjin Shinyo-ryu jujutsu (Tokyo)
Daito-ryu aikijujutsu Takumakai (Osaka)
Shibukawa-ryu jujutsu (Osaka)
Shingetsu Muso Yanagi-ryu jujutsu (Hyogo)
Hontai Yoshin-ryu jujutsu (Hyogo)
Takagi-ryu jujutsu / Kukishin-ryu bojutsu (Hyogo)
Sekiguchi Shishin-ryu jujutsu (Wakayama)
Takenouchi-ryu jujutsu <koshi-no-mawari kogusoku> (Okayama)
Takenouchi-ryu jujutsu <hinoshita torite kaizan> (Okayama)

Owari Kan-ryu sojutsu (Aichi)
Fuden-ryu sojutsu (Osaka)
Hozoin-ryu Takada-ha sojutsu (Nara)
Saburi-ryu yari (Hiroshima)

Jojutsu - Bojutsu
Muhi Muteki-ryu jojutsu (Ibaraki)
Shinto Muso-ryu jojutsu (Fukuoka)
Chikubujima-ryu bojutsu (Nagasaki)

Toda-ha Buko-ryu naginatajutsu (Tokyo)
Tendo-ryu naginatajutsu (Kyoto)
Jikishin Kage-ryu naginatajutsu (Nara)
Yoshin-ryu naginatajutsu (Hiroshima)
Higo Ko-ryu naginata (Kumamoto)

Bokuden-ryu kenjutsu (Aomori)
Itto-ryu Mizoguchi-ha kenjutsu (Fukushima)
Hokushin Itto-ryu kenjutsu (Ibaraki)
Kashima Shinto-ryu kenjutsu (Ibaraki)
Kogen Itto-ryu kenjutsu (Saitama)
Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu kenjutsu (Chiba)
Tatsumi-ryu heiho (Chiba)
Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage-ryu kenjutsu (Chiba)
Ono-ha Itto-ryu kenjutsu (Tokyo)
Shinto Munen-ryu kenjutsu (Tokyo)
Kurama-ryu kenjutsu (Tokyo)
Tennen Rishin-ryu kenjutsu (Tokyo)
Yagyu Shinkage-ryu heiho kenjutsu (Aichi)
Shingyoto-ryu kenjutsu (Mie)
Shojitsu Kenri Kataichi-ryu kenjutsu (Okayama)
Taisha-ryu kenpo (Kumamoto)
Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu kenjutsu (Oita)
Noda-ha Niten Ichi-ryu kenjutsu (Kumamoto)
Kumohiro-ryu kenjutsu (Kumamoto)
Jigen-ryu heiho kenjutsu (Kagoshima)

Karate - Ryukyu Kobujutsu
Ryukyu kobujutsu (Tokyo)
Wado-ryu jujutsu kenpo (Tokyo)
Shito-ryu karate (Kanagawa)
Ryukyu Oke Hiden Motobu Udondei (Osaka)
Kingo-ryu karate Okinawa kobujutsu (Okinawa)
Okinawa Goju-ryu bujutsu (Okinawa)

Yagyu Shingan-ryu kacchu heiho (Iwate)
Yagyu Shingan-ryu taijutsu (Kanagawa)

Seki-ryu hojutsu (Ibaraki)
Morishige-ryu hojutsu (Kanagawa)
Yo-ryu hojutsu (Fukuoka)

Sono-ta Bujutsu
Araki-ryu kenpo (Gunba)
Araki-ryu gunyo kogusoku (Saitama)
Negishi-ryu shurikenjutsu (Tokyo)
Ogasawara-ryu kyubajutsu (Kanagawa)
Nito Shinkage-ryu kusarigamajutsu (Kochi)
Takeda-ryu aiki-no-jutsu (Fukuoka)

Iaijutsu - Battojutsu
Hayashizaki Muso-ryu iaijutsu (Yamagata)
Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu iaijutsu (Tokyo)
Tamiya-ryu iaijutsu (Kanagawa)
Suio-ryu iai kenpo - Masaki-ryu kusarigamajutsu (Shizuoka)
Hoki-ryu iaijutsu (Hyogo)
Enshin-ryu iai suemono (Osaka)
Kanshin-ryu iaijutsu (Shimane)
Shojitsu Kenri Kataichi-ryu kacchu battojutsu (Okayama)
Kanemaku-ryu battojutsu (Okayama)
Sekiguchi-ryu battojutsu (Kumamoto)

Jun-kai-in ‘associate/provisional members’
Itto Shoden Muto-ryu (Nagano)
Hoki-ryu iaijutsu (Hyogo)
Hoki-ryu iaijutsu (Kumamoto)
Kito-ryu jujutsu (Kyoto)
Shibukawa Ichi-ryu jujutsu (Hiroshima)

sven beulke
23rd January 2006, 12:11
Hi All!
Thanks for the answers! Did i get it right that its not the ryu as a group becomes a member but some selected members of the ryu representing it ? How do these organsations promote kobudo? Organising enbu (thats quit clear!), but what else. Did they publish books about kobudo maybe initiate an interlectual exchange between members ( for example form study groups dealing with historical topics). Ho do the mebers see the enbu? A way to demonstrate in front of potential new members?
Kind Regards

23rd January 2006, 23:15
Most enbu fall under one of two categories..Those designed to be shown to the public or to one of the organisations in question and those shown for the purpose of pleasing (Or simply showing what we can do to)the gods of an area such as a shrine..Koryu don't really need to promote themselves and to be honest very little is known about them outside of those actually doing them here..None of the kids I teach have a clue about what I do unless it is phrased as Judo or Kendo..There is little need to attract new members..Besides..Most of the audiences at enbu seem to be other members of the schools demoing or family of those demoing..It's not a big thing among anyone else but those of us doing it..
As for having debates and discussions among the koryu..Why?I think it would be seen as being rather useless to debate the finer points of Tsuru no Issoku to someone who wasn't in the Takeuchi Ryu...Although there may be some talk after enbu there is nothing like a wholesale debate...
They DO publish books..Or rather, the Budokan do...And those tend to highlight the Koryu rather well but still not close to publicity..The books are not aimed at that..And contain history and contact details but little else...

28th July 2006, 15:45
The last issue of "Budo" Magazine (In Japanese) carried pages full of info. Ryu in the Nihon Kobudo Kyokai were invited to use the pages to show who they were, who was in each ryu and where etc. Nothing flashy more like a group meishi.

This was ours.


I cannot seem to see your page!!

28th July 2006, 16:05
Works fine for me:

28th July 2006, 16:58
Works fine for me:

Weird. I wonder if my IP address is blocked for some reason?

I keep getting a "Cannot find server or DNS Error" message.

Steve Delaney
29th July 2006, 02:01
Weird. I wonder if my IP address is blocked for some reason?

I keep getting a "Cannot find server or DNS Error" message.

Could it be your ISP? Works fine on this end too.

8th August 2006, 22:42
Kudos and many thanks to Greg Clarke for fixing my problem!


12th May 2011, 20:21
The Nihon Kobudo Kyokai has a well done web presence where one can look for member ryu via a Japan Map. I guess most of you are familiar with the website.

I am not able to locate something similar for the Nihon Kobudo Shinkokai.

Can someone help me out please? Japanese OK.


Lance Gatling
13th May 2011, 12:46
not exactly but this may be helpful


13th May 2011, 19:56
Thanks, Lance.
That's a list of ryu for both federations. I suppose that all the mentioned ryu are member of both then.

For Muso Shinden Ryu Iai (e.g.) several different persons are listed. Haven't checked all entries but this might be the case with other ryu as well. Is it therefore fair to assume that basically PERSONS are members and not always the ryu only?