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Kaneda Onami
19th November 2000, 09:28
Hello everyone.

You may or may not remember, but I was a member on the old board before the crash. I think that the new e-budo looks great and broke the "1000 members barrier" in impressively short time.

Ok, now for my question about the "ideal resource":

if you were to choose the ideal martial arts resource on the world wide web, would you choose

A. text archive with interviews and articles about martial arts and artists past and present [compatible with IE and Netscape 4.0 and higher];


B. a site directory with daily refreshed content such as
- a daily koan to break your mind into Zen-like bliss
- a daily quote from one of the great masters
- a message board to discuss site-related issues and general martial arts ideas
- a daily featured resource [web site, quiz, discussion topic, etc.]
- a webring to connect web sites listed in the site directory
[compatible with IE 4.0 or higher only]

The text archive [option "A"] may also include excerpts from books, biographies, videos, etc. concerning everything martial arts-related [including modern training methods and diet].

By the way, if you want to look at beta versions of both:

option A is at this url: http://www.gyoja.org/articles/
option B is at this url: http://www.gyoja.org/

I look forward to your opinions and advice.


P.S. I didn't post this in the "web site" section because I want to know the end-user's point of view, more related to content and general appeal rather than technical advice.

Richard A Tolson
19th November 2000, 15:22
Very nice site! I especially liked the biography of Sokaku Takeda.

Kaneda Onami
19th November 2000, 19:41
So you would rather see the text archive?

Carl Elder
20th November 2000, 14:57
I would like to see both, why not have the best of both worlds.

Kaneda Onami
21st November 2000, 18:02
Why not do both?

I will maintain both sites, but I may not have the time to develop both sites to their utmost potential.

If I receive positive feedback regarding both options, I will definitely make the effort to either work harder myself or find someone else to collaborate with.

Wow, over 146 views for this topic and only three responses! This illustrates the difficulty in maintaining both web sites. It is very difficult to find people who are willing to contribute to the site directory; I have sent over 400 emails to webmasters of martial arts-related web sites and received less than ten responses.

All you lurkers and quiet people, speak up!

John Lindsey
22nd November 2000, 19:50
I have reviewed this message and the website in question and have no problems with it. This post can stay here. :).

Bridger Dyson-Smith
22nd November 2000, 20:25
Definite thumbs up! My biggest complaint would be the reverse text, my eyes ache from proofreading, so it's always a little easier to read black on white text. A small complaint in comparison to the wealth of information available at both sites.
Thanks for the links.

Bridger Dyson-Smith

24th November 2000, 08:45
Definitely my vote would be a site with content, easy to navigate, and, a personl wish list: at least one site or link under the judo section? (Of course, this would be if you choose to go with flash instead of content) Sites I vist most have good content, are user-friendly, and those available to those who do not have the upgrades to do it (I do, but still I chose content over frames, color (I also like black text on white background.


Kaneda Onami
25th November 2000, 04:52

I understand what you're saying about the reversed text, Bridger. In the text archive, my aim was mainly to make the pages printable. I know that people rarely read long passages of text on their computers, and would rather print them out than strain their eyes on the screen. I will definitely consider making the color scheme customizable, though.

Regarding your wish list, Mark: I use the site directory to display the web sites that are members of the webring called the "Gyoja Nenju". More information about the Nenju and what it means is here: http://www.gyoja.org/nenju/

In order to list web sites related to Judo, I need to have members of the Nenju related to Judo. I'm actually curious about the "old style" of Judo [with atemi and less competition-oriented] that I've read from you and a precious few other sources. If you have any links to web sites or articles that you have found particularly interesting, I'd be glad to take a look at them.

Kaneda Onami
Web Designer/Administrator
Gyoja Organization