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12th June 2005, 18:13
Hello everybody.

This last week i had read a book that it was comment the ralation between budo and the zen meditation. The author is Teshimaru and i believe that this book is very very interesting for who want practice with a diferent vision of the budo, so when you practice used the kokyu, you feel the diference of when you practice without kokyu due to your spirit became different.

I recommend this book of who enjoy the budo.

Thank you.

13th June 2005, 06:53

can you post title and details maybe a link to amazon

17th June 2005, 20:07
So, I don't know, because this book I tried in Spain (my country), and I don't know if in your country exist.

The author's name is Taisen Deshimaru and the spanish translate of the title is "Zen and martial arts".

I can't help you more... I'm sorry.

My best regards.

27th June 2005, 17:15

can you post title and details maybe a link to amazon

The book is The Zen Way To Martial Arts below is the amazon.com page
It looks pretty interesting, thanks for the heads up!