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7th September 2000, 15:19

Does anyone know of a reputable kenjutsu dojo in East Sussex, UK?

Thanks for your help.


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8th September 2000, 10:37
Just off the top, I got this as the first hit out of twenty pages of hits: http://www.movingeast.co.uk/tetsushinkan/ksr.html

Search AltaVista or Google and I think you may be able to narrow it down.

Now, if there is someone out there from your area who lurks on E-budo, please, give us a :kiss:


8th September 2000, 13:05
Thanks Mark.

Its not really in my area. At least by Eng. standards anyway! I'm looking for something within an hour or two away, but thanks for your consideration.


20th September 2000, 05:21

The only place that I know does Koryu in the UK is Kenseikai dojo in London (they have other dojos around England... so check out the BKA webpage). The Iaido instructor there sometimes teaches Niten-ichi-ryu (um, supposedly derived from Musashi). He recieves intermittant intruction from Haruna-sensei, Iaido 8th dan and head instructor of a NIR-dojo in Japan.

Hope that helps!

- George

Joseph Svinth
21st September 2000, 06:39
The BKA web page is http://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~bka

You also might try Iaido-L at http://listserv.uoguelph.ca/archives/iaido-l.html -- never can tell if somebody has a training group nearby...

28th September 2000, 14:56
thanks one and all for your help

18th June 2005, 17:29
Hello All,

I have tried a search on previous threads but didn't unearth any info.

Does anyone know of any genuine koryu being taught in the UK?


A. Bakken
18th June 2005, 17:55
This should be a good starting point:


21st June 2005, 16:47
yes, yes there is.
ok then but you will have to do the google work
from the top of my head,

There is the KJJR which is a gendai organisation which teaches a unified kyu grade syllabus, but around dan grade you can start to study koryu forms from several different ryu-ha, all of which are head, soke-Tanemura has menkyo kaiden in, from 3rd dan onwards you can choose to specialise and receive menkyo.
please see www.genbukan.org

there is also daito ryu, please see the nine circles web site (google is your friend)

and some hakko ryu offshoots around as well as lots and lots of ''modern juijuitsu'' pretending to be koryu, if in doubt judo, BJJ and shorinji kempo are great alternatives in the mean time!

Hope that helped

21st June 2005, 19:21
there is also Katori shinto ryu down in Stoke and MJER (my style as taught from Iwata Norikazu sensei) in various areas. There are also some ZNIR affiliated clubs, (one of which is in the Scarborough area), but I am not sure of the styles done outside of MJER and their grading syllabus. Also some clubs related to the Butokukai, mainly Southern England. I have a few friends who are learning Niten ichi ryu as taught by Iwami sensei.(Leeds area) Really the only way to find out about the styles is to ask around the iaido crowd who have been around at least as long as myself, the koryu people are either not particularly good at websites or simply arent interested in doing them. Thats why you cant find any! :)
Search the sword arts thread for UK links, that should put you in the right direction. Alternatively post up where you live and either do a dojo search or ask here or at kendoworld for help...

22nd June 2005, 09:32
The BKA (British Kendo Association) must surely be doing koryu iai as well (MJER and MSR at the very least). Check their website.

A. Bakken
22nd June 2005, 17:09
The BKA (British Kendo Association) must surely be doing koryu iai as well (MJER and MSR at the very least). Check their website.

I gave the link in the first reply... :beer:

19th July 2005, 00:16
Someone give Kaoru a shout. She's compiling a list of koryu in the UK...

19th July 2005, 05:08
Some HNIR links here.


24th July 2005, 23:23
any luck , Im looking for somewhere in South Wales

25th July 2005, 14:15
Hi all, as far as Im aware there are some Ryoi Shinto jujutsu dojos in the London area. I hope thats of use to somebody :) . As for South Wales I have no idea...


25th July 2005, 18:59
is this bull?

25th July 2005, 19:57
I personally can't say bull or not, but it does leave a bad impression. They teach 4 different styles of swordsmanship? Seems a lot. They teach their own system? Always a bad sign if you're looking for real koryu. Shinden Ryu? I've heard of Muso Shinden Ryu, but never Shinden ryu. And that style involves sparring with a variety of weapons, including dual-wielding kodachi? Very, very strange. And in the Mugai ryu section, they describe Chiburi as "removing blood from the scabbard". I wasn't aware I needed to do that, usually only the blade would be bloody. The glossary section seems to be taken from the TIJ glossary (http://ejmas.com/tin/tinart_glossary_1001.htm), down to punctuation (only difference is the page design, some terms omitted, some not in the same order).

But even more interesting is some of the logic on that site. It just doesn't make a lick of sense. Shinden Ryu is characterised as iaijutsu, but involves techniques after the sword leaves the saya. That's not iai. But the logic given: they won't call it kenjutsu because it's not practiced often and the practice doesn't conform to kendo. Uh? Classifying an art as kenjutsu has nothing to do with how often it's done or whether it conforms to what kendo does.

In the section on Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu:

Following the recognised Seitei Kata, Eishin Ryu represents Iai-Do at perhaps its most formal incarnation in Bujin Ryu.

Eishin Ryu and the Seitei Kata are two totally distinct things. The seitei kata are taught under the ZNKR (Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei). The Eishin Ryu under Ikeda soke (there are other branches) do not, I believe, practice Seitei gata. Some people do practice MJER and do Seitei gata, just as others do MSR and seitei, or perhaps even other styles along with seitei. They are different things, and Eishin Ryu does not "follow the recognised Seitei Kata".

Eishin Ryu is one of the most widely practiced forms of Iai across the world, and by practising it within Bujin Ryu, another facet is added to our overall understanding of the Way.

The way I see koryu, "the Way" is different depending on what ryu you follow. To mix and match ryu would not see to deepen your understanding of the way, but rather confuse it with teachings that not designed to work together.

Any way, that's my opinion :) Guess I should step off the soapbox.

Sebastien L.

26th July 2005, 10:33

you may also want to speak with Steve Delaney who is on E-budo also.

He is now located in London and a koryu guy having spent several years in Japan.

do a search for him, he is quite open and will be very frank with you

26th July 2005, 11:59
There is a Tenjin Shinyo Ryu jujutsu dojo in London. But anyone interested will have to find it themselves - I don't have any contact details and AFAIK it's a private group.

26th July 2005, 15:41
Hello all

The Tenyokai Japan of Tenjin Shinyo Ryu JuJutsu Koryu have a Shibu Keikojo called the Shidokan(Tenyokai U.K.).It is run by Paul Masters (Menkyo) in Southend-on -Sea ,Essex.
Anyone wishing to contact the Tenyokai U.K. please e-mail; lee@tenyokaiuk.wanadoo.co.uk

Kind Regards
Lee Masters

27th July 2005, 12:31
Hi all, as far as Im aware there are some Ryoi Shinto jujutsu dojos in the London area.


Not South Wales, but if you're up to a commute to Gloucester, there's a Daito Ryu group. No web presence but contactable through info@ninecircles.co.uk.

31st July 2005, 23:46
wow no love for the valleys :D

4th August 2005, 17:55
one of my students is just about to leave and go back to Uni in Birmingham. However her home village is just outside of Cardiff, so I dont see why you couldnt get together to practise. I know she is looking for somewhere near her home to train. She knows enough to get you started, but you will need to travel initially anyway. Koryu is not exactly available in every town and tends to be centralised around certain areas.
You are pretty close to dojos compared to the poor guys up in Scotland who only have three clubs to go to! There are also a couple of people I know in the Bath area who also practise MJER, but after that.... its going to be travel.
Just think yourself lucky you didnt start when I did... the nearest dojo was Derby, which is a bit of a way to travel from Durham every weekend. :(

4th August 2005, 23:56
wise words, thanks for the info

5th August 2005, 10:24
Tim, if your student wants somewhere to practice, she's welcome to use our dojo space...

17th August 2005, 22:46
I'll send her down.... but you'll regret it.... :rolleyes:

17th August 2005, 23:31
Hang on, it's not Deb is it?

[...runs and hides...] :D

26th August 2005, 15:48
Try here http://www.hyruk.com/

Good luck

Torbjörn Johansson

17th April 2008, 18:14
bujin ryu has been mentioned earlier,
as far as how in line with koryu it is i cant tell you, i havent tried iai anywhere else as there's very little in wales.
however i have trained with sensei Dave hail of bujin ryu for almost 2 years, with a gap in the middle, and i can tell you its a very relaxed, but hard working group of people committed to iai.
the various styles mentioned on the website are because there are instructors in the club of different ryu background, and all give their contributions,
we are a fun bunch of people and do a good amount of combat, free form, and partnered techniques practice.
if you live in south wales the only other choice is kenjutsu.
i would recomend if your interested at all and in the area you come along and give it a free try, if its not for you, then its not for you/
but please dont read a 10 year old website thats never been updated and get put off.
[oh and the blood of the saya thing? i think its a bit of a big typo, i dont know what it refers to...]

17th April 2008, 19:13
if you live in south wales the only other choice is kenjutsu.I wasn't aware there was any JSA in Wales other than kendo to be honest. There is kenjutsu?

19th April 2008, 22:28
i remember reading somewhere that the local kendo club [red dragon kendo? i may be wrong..] does some kenjutsu.

Steve Delaney
20th April 2008, 09:01
First I have heard of any koryu bujutsu in Wales.

Which ryuha is it?