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26th July 2005, 19:53

I was wondering what your thoughts are on applying kyusho jutsu with kansetsu waza? I was wondering what points are best with kote gaeshi, sankyo, nikkyo, and ikkyo? I usually just apply the lock and haven't messed around with the kyusho much. Enjoy the heat.

26th July 2005, 22:38
I use them in my aikido program. I show the form and then show the applicaiton of the pressure points for most techniques. See my article in Black Belt Magazine June 2005 for a kotegaeshi application.

27th July 2005, 12:40
I dont do Aikido, but have done some and we have similiar techniques but wth different names for some of them.

Anyway, when talking about applying Kyusho with Kansetsu Waza we make a distinction between Kyusho applied with the grip (Gakkun) and Kyusho applied in Atemi.

With Atemi the Kyusho will vary depending on the type and angle of attack, with Kansetsu Waza it will depend on the grip. But then again there is Kyusho as Atemi after Kansetsu Waza has been applied. This falls into two categories restraining (Taiho) or Finishing.

So do you mean:
A. Kyusho to apply Kansetsu Waza?
Example: Choken to Mikazuki (Jaw) followed by Kote Gaeshi.
Empi to Ude Narashi (Back of Upper Arm) performed on a Tenkan
followed by Ikkyo

B. Kyusho with Kensetsu Waza (as part of it)?
The techniques mentioned (Ikkyo, Nikkyo, Sankyo, Kote Gaeshi) already have these anyway if the grip is applied in certain ways).

C. Kyusho following Kansetsu Waza?
Example: Sankyo followed by Nukite to Murasame/Dokusen (Points on Neck)

I guess you mean A.


28th July 2005, 17:34
I was referring to some of the names of the kyusho that are applied to these locks. I know a few basic ones but any other info would help.