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Pink Mist
4th October 2005, 23:59
Hi all,

Are there any AJJ dojos in Oregon, preferrably in the Portland metro area? THANK YOU for your ideas and recommendations.


5th October 2005, 18:09
Aside from the various brands of Aikido easily found in the phone book there is an Oregon Daito Ryu Roppokai group. Last I heard they hosted Okamoto sensei for a seminar in the Woodburn area. PM for e-mail.

There may also be Hakko ryu in the Vancouver area, but I do not have contact info.

6th October 2005, 01:37

You should definitely check out Doug Walker (the guy who posted before me...hi Doug) and what he does.
He's skilled and I am sure you would be happy training with him *AND* he is in the P-town area.

For the record...


6th October 2005, 05:34
Hey Doug-

The Hakkoryu is fellow is right here in PDX if I'm not mistaken.

I think his name is Brian Workman.

Tom Wharton

Pink Mist
8th October 2005, 17:58

Thanks very much for your pointers. Considering I'm new to this (aside from 3 months of Aikido classes at Linn CC), I'll probably be picking Doug's brain for a while (just a forewarning)! :)

Thanks again.