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27th November 2000, 05:28
I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.
I'm wanting to find out about using the Sai, if anyone knows of any web pages that go into detail on the sai or any books that could show me the basics I'd much appreicate it.


Matt Tubman
Couragous Heart
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Doug Daulton
27th November 2000, 07:06

This is a tough one. I am sure you are aware how difficult it can be to learn from a book. On top of that, there are few good books on the subject. That said, I'd reccomend the followng:

- "Nunchaku & Sai" by Sakagami Ryusho
- "Sai" by Fumo Demura

and Inoue Motokatsu's series on Ryukyu kobudo as well.

All of these books offer Sai waza and kata which are derived from the Taira line of Ryukyu kobudo.

These books can give you some initial guidance. After that, it is best to seek out a qualified teacher of Ryukyu kobudo.

I hope this helps.