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27th November 2000, 22:06
Im sorry, this might be a stupid question, but i cant find your book anywhere in bookstores, ellis. Where might i get me one? ;)

Ellis Amdur
27th November 2000, 23:13
It's not for sale at any bookstores (I bet your you have your specs set for the last 30 days, and didn't see the intro thread which explained all that;)

Anyway, the only way to order the book is directly thru me. Ego or stubborness - I wanted to see how far I could go thru selling it directly - no middle-men, no comissions, no bar codes, no nothing but me. So:

Please check my web-page at http://www.ellisamdur.com/duelingwithosensei for ordering instructions.


Ellis Amdur

28th November 2000, 19:47
thanks very much ellis. seems as though all the best material is attained in this fashion.