View Full Version : Bab Announcment Regarding Videos And Dvd

12th November 2005, 05:56
If you have wondered where that title went that webpages listed as "for sale," make sure it was not one of these as it may be held up in the making and release (retrieved November 12th, 2005 from the BAB website):

The DVD/VHS advertised as "on sale" in the July 2005 volume of Gekkan Hiden Magazine, a total of 12 titles of the "Nihon no Kobudo" series, was planned (as in "up and coming") to be sold at that time, but some of them are still delayed. We apologize for printing the wrong information.

The ones that Will be on sale (but we don't know when ):
Takenouchi ryu jujutsu, Shingetsu muso yanagi ryu jujutsu, Nagao ryu
taijutsu, Okinawa no Kobujutsu, Kougen ittoryu kenjutsu, Usukine yamanouchi
ryu suijutsu, Kashima Shintoryu Kenjutsu, Kanshinryu Iaijutsu, Takagi ryu
jujutsu, Takagiryu jujutsu, kukinshin ryu bojutsu, ittoryu nakanishiha
kenjutsu, Tenjin shinyouryu jujutsu.