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sven beulke
19th December 2005, 13:08
I am making leather tsuba for bokken and shinai for almost three years now. I am using a very stiff and durable laminated leather. Here some pics of my work. Iam using the same method to make leather shuriken (some bujinkan-people askig for them). Pics of my fukuro-shinai and the tsuba and traditionel tsubadome for shinai will follow.
The tsubas ship with a leather tsubadome!
If you are intrested just contact me using the e-mail-adress below.

sven beulke
20th December 2005, 20:38
Here you see a all types of leather shuriken i made. All styles are possible. Just ask. A number of bujinkan-people here in germany using them ( the real thing is illegal here in germany) and they give me very good critics.
Next pics show my tsuba for shinai with with traditionell handstitched tsubadome. Its possible to choose from different colour for the tsubadome( or just classical white).

sven beulke
20th December 2005, 20:44
Here are the shuriken:

sven beulke
29th August 2006, 19:40
Hi All!
here are two pics of my new tsuba design and of a standard tsuba. Both are fit for heavy abuse and very durable. On the the left side of the standard model there is a plastik tsuba to compare the size. The standard tsuba is the first choice if you dont give a !!!! for design but for function. Actually when you care about design you get the same functionality! I missed to post prices! Here they come:
Design Tsuba 20Euro(special e-budo price!!Normal is 25Euro!! :) )
Standard Tsuba 15Euro
Shuriken from 6-8 Euro
Tsubas always include a handstitched leather tsubadome.
Shippment depends one the pieces(weight) and your location. I guess it cots around 6 Euro to send a tsuba to the USA(insured as registered mail!!)! Payment is possible and safe with paypal! If you have any questions just drop me a line!

sven beulke
13th April 2011, 11:17
Hi all!
From time to time i am receiving requests for leather tsuba. I am very sorry to tell you that I am not manufacturing them anymore. Thanks for your interest!