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sven beulke
20th December 2005, 19:25
Here are some pictures of the shinai i made. They are for sale(thats why iam posting here), but i dont have them in stock.There are different models, the colour of the leather may change. It takes around one week before they are ready for shipping. The laquered version could take longer(originally they dont look that glossy). Its possible to choose the the lenght. For odachi 1m is standard. For further information just send me a mail.

Greetings from Germany

sven beulke
22nd December 2005, 11:14
The price is from 50 Euro for the simple versions to 80 for the "high end" laquered Shinkage-Ryu shinai( Same shinai without laquere will cost 10 less). The simple modell has a wider lacing and a different leather. They will not have a bamboo-knot at the end of the tsuka. In funtionality both versions perform the same. Shoto will cost be half of a odachi. I ship worldwide but shipping cost to US and other overseas are a major cost-factor. I just looking for the cheapest, yet safest ways for shipment.

6th January 2006, 13:27
Hi Sven,

I remember the old thread in the sword forum and am pleased you've decided to start selling some of these.

I'd like to buy a basic odachi if shipping to the UK isn't too expensive, please could you let me know when you've found out how much it'll cost.

Payment may be a problem for overseas buyers, do you plan to use paypal or something similar? Also, I'd prefer a white one if possible and don't mind waiting a little longer for it, is this ok?

Thanks for your time,

Warren Wise

13th January 2006, 13:42
Hello all,

I recently ordered my shinai from Sven and thought I'd quickly post my impressions here for anyone else who might be interested.

Sven had two types of white leather in stock, so far from having to wait there was actually a choice available.

The communication was good between us, notificaion of payment sent/received, shipping details and so on; and payment was easy with Paypal.

Sven had made it and was ready to ship within 2 days. Delivery from Germany to the UK then took another 2 days, it wasn't very expensive and insurance was included.

The shinai itself is well made and very much like the white one in the pictures above. It serves its purpose well by being relatively forgiving but still quite solid.

All in all I just wanted to say that I'm very pleased with it and would recommend both Sven and the shinai to anyone considering getting one.


Thanks and best regards,


Jean Binck
21st February 2007, 13:34
Hi there,

I got today two Fukuro Shinai from Sven.
Both are very well done and are certainly very good value for money.

I would like also to highlight the very friendly communications and valuable advises from Sven. You can tell him about the specific pattern used by your school and Sven will do his best to adapt his product. Isn't this top class service?


Greetings from Belgium,

Jean Binck
23rd February 2007, 09:24
And here are some photos...
The Tsuba is a personal fabrication with spare leather that Sven kindly sent with the package.

sven beulke
19th March 2007, 18:12
Hi All!
The "how" i made my fukuro-shinai changed a little since i posted the pictures above . I learned a lot about how to make shinai the traditional way and i had some help from one of the more prominent members of this forum especially with YSR-shinai. I will post pictures of my new works later this week. Here is a KSR-lookalike but its smaller and shorter (100cm) and the bamboo is split eight times just like a YSR-shinai. A ideal shinai for shiai! The tsuba is beech wood covered with leather in the way of the KSR-shinai. I not longer make holes to sew my shinai but cut slots. This is the traditional way to do it. More work but the result is better. A shinai like the one one the picture made in the traditional way with a tsuba will cost 100 plus shipping. White leather is also availble. If you have special wish (for example a longer shinai or what ever) just drop me a line.

21st April 2007, 23:10
I would like to reccomaend these to everyone I recieved mine on Thursday took it to the Dojo on Friday and was asked where I got it by all the members.
Used it and it felt great. So if your looking stop now and contact Sven

Many thanks Sven for the speedy service. Martin (UK) :)