View Full Version : Jujutsu in North Sydney?

31st December 2005, 10:47
Fellow Martial Artists,

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread. I will be moving into North Sydney next year far from my Dojo i train at out in western Sydney.

So as you could guess i need to find another dojo. Im am after a Dojo that is Koryu or Gendai and teachers both jujutsu and kenjutsu. I would prefere a Sensei who teachers full time. I am very passionate about the art i enjoy so choosing a dojo from your reply will help me greatly in making the right decision.



Dean Whittle
4th January 2006, 21:52
You may like to look at the Australian koryu website at http://www.geocities.com/koryu-bujutsu/ for more information.

Also the PCYC lists Tenjin Shinyo ryu jujutsu as operating out of it's North Sydney location http://www.pcycnsw.org/_new/home.php?c=53

All the best with your search.

With respect