View Full Version : Yes! I'm taking a firearms course in a few weeks!

6th January 2006, 15:19
I'm going to be studying forestry/nature conservation in South Africa (George, along the coast between Capetown and Port Elisabeth) for a year and my landlord is the university's shooting instructor.

This is what he's mailed me so far:
"Regarding the shooting courses, it will be easy to arrange, because I am
a qualified instructor. It may be necessary to start you on
your own if you have not had any experience, just to enable me to pay
more individual attention to you during this critical stage. This will
also enable you to relax and focus on what we are doing without worrying
about wat other students might be thinking. There are three basic
categories of shooting with which we start. These are basic HANDGUN
(revolver and pistol), basic RIFLE (bolt action for target shooting and
hunting; semi-automatic for tactical work; we will only do the basics of
safe handling and shooting at the start) and basic SHOTGUN.
The cost for a basic course is about 175 Euro (about $215) per student for each of the three disciplines. This includes the use of the registered book of course material, the use of several firearms and about 120 rounds of ammunition for each discipline, except the shotgun, which will be about 50 rounds of ammunition. You may buy more ammunition if you want to do more shooting. This varies from R25($4)/50 to about R10($1.65)/ 1 shot. I also provide all safety equipments such as shooting glasses and ear protection. I also provide all targets and transport, but you must provide your own refreshments (definitely no alcohol!).
Each course lasts about 15 hours of contact time (lectures and shooting + cleaning of firearms).
Looking at my program I would be able to offer the first course to you on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 January, before we start with lectures at Saasveld. This will enable you to have a basic understanding of firearm before you have to start focusing on your academic responsibilities at Saasveld."

It sounds pretty good to me, I have a wee bit of firearms experience, but nothing official, so I'm excited!