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19th January 2006, 03:33
Is it a Japanese-only Religion ?

Kenshin Butsu
19th January 2006, 04:48
What do you mean Japanese only?

For New Years in Japan there are certain rituals you do. Like visit the shrine, drop a couple of coins and say a prayer. As well as walking through a giant cirlce made of hay as many times as your age.

I suppose this can be considered shinto, since it takes place at a shrine, but as far as what the actual Japanese people think of it? Some do not regard it as religion, just cultural behaviors and japanese tradition.

I'll tell you what, I was the only Gaijin this New Years at the local shrine in Himeji. So it surely felt like a Japanese Only Event. :p

19th January 2006, 05:48
Shinto is hardly a "religion" in the most common interpretation of the word. There are in fact several forms of Shinto in Japan, some more ritual based than others.

I don't quite understand your question though. If you are asking if people of other races are able to take part, the answer is yes. If you are asking if there are other races who would consider themselves followers of the ways of Shinto, there may well be.

19th January 2006, 17:00
So what is Shinto ?
I thought it was a religion that mystifys the creation of Japan and its people and is a way of life only accessable to Japanese. This is just what I thought.
Like that story about the gods in heaven that dipped a spear/sword into the ocean and it formed the islands of Japan etc.

20th January 2006, 14:07
Is it a Japanese-only Religion ?


I'm a Shintoist, and I'm certinally not Japanese. Shinto is universal :)