View Full Version : What vendor/manufacturer of weaponry do you prefer the most?

19th January 2006, 21:22
These are the most talked about manufacturers/ vendors of Rykyu Kobudo weaponry. The question is: Witch one of the ones above do you think is the best from your point of view? Of course in my experience none has brilliant weapons from Bo to Timbe, for instance I could really like the Shureido nunchaku but prefer the Eiku of Crane Mountain. But for most of the time.. what du you prefer?? :)

There is a quite similar thread that discusses why and how to buy certain brands (also there use in a dojo etc), my interest in creating this poll is strictly to estimate how many uses a specific brand. So for discussion about these companies/vendors. Please go to the link below.


I hope that I havent forgot any major one.

26th January 2006, 17:07
Sorry folks. I forgot Mr Oyata. He makes what I understand nice sai. http://ryu-te-supplies.com/index.htm

I apologise.

19th May 2006, 14:34

I think you have forgot an other good weapon maker:
Wolfgang Meindl

You found his Shop here: http://www.kobudo-shop.de

He has the best Tonfa, Kama and Hanbo.

For Sai i prefer Shureido.


Thomas Mayer-Gall

19th May 2006, 16:53
SDKsupplies also does Karate weapons, and has been mentioned a few times on this forum.


3rd June 2006, 16:56
I have to say that the question is a bit too generic. I love my Shureido Bo and Sai but the Tinbe and Rochin that Don Shapland made for me are beautifull!

20th June 2006, 12:15
I have to say that its Reimondo weapons all the way for me. I tried various brands but either found them too over-engineered [Shureido] and consequently to slow for serious pairwork or too flimsy so they just broke.

I can honestly say though that Reimondo kit is about the best balance between the two I have found and as they are all hand made, and the chap that makes the weapons is himself a kobujutsuka, they are emminently practical.

They won't suit beginners through as they need to be well cared for and the Bo can be broken if poor technique is used, but for those who know how to handle kobudo weapons, they are very nice. The Tinbe/Rochin in particular are the business!

Just MHO :)