View Full Version : What type of Bo/Yari/Naginata do you practice?

27th January 2006, 13:00
A poll to help things get going in the revived forum.

I don't do any of it now, but I'd like to. Well I guess there was that two week encounter with Shintaido (http://www.e-budo.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27888&highlight=shintaido) :rolleyes: But I don't think that counts.

Anyhow, tell all. Give the name of style or organization.

27th January 2006, 17:43


George Kohler
27th January 2006, 22:07


What do they teach? I don't see anything on naginata/bo/yari.

27th January 2006, 22:12
Oh sorry..I thought there was a link to it on the page.

From what I understand, they teach some Soh-Jyutsu

Peter Steeves
29th January 2006, 05:30
We/I train in and teach Kukishin family traditions of Bojutsu, Sojutsu, & Naginata.

I remember once conversing with our teacher in Japan about how "scary" it is to train with sword technique, realizing that you could be killed so easily in a battle. That's when he said, "That's because you haven't done spear training yet!"

So, of course, when he came around to asking what we'd like to try next, we all said, "Spear!" And so it was.

Awesome weapon! Training against my teacher also taught me just how much skill matters, though - can't beat him, no matter what weapon I have! Darn it. :)

Bruce Mitchell
8th February 2006, 04:01
I train in Atarashi Naginata and Tendo Ryu Naginatajutsu. Don't really know what else to add to that...

8th February 2006, 05:15
I must say I'm curious; what qualifies as gendai yari? I'm not sure I've ever heard of any modern versions.

Oh, and I train in atarashii naginata and a bit of tendo ryu as well.

8th February 2006, 07:21
I must say I'm curious; what qualifies as gendai yari? I'm not sure I've ever heard of any modern versions. I meant the "x-kans" there as well; I believe it is part of Bujinkan curriculum at some point at least. I'm calling the x-kans gendai because they are modern entities in organization. Although there are other possibilities for "gendai naginata" if one cares to call it that, besides atarashii.

Really, it doesn't matter so much, not as much as people actually posting what [i]they[i/] do.

8th February 2006, 11:39
Owari Kan-ryu sojutsu (kuda yari), Shinkage-ryu sojutsu, and Shinkage-ryu naginata.

Eric Montes
8th February 2006, 16:02
Tendo Ryu and Atarashii Naginata

8th February 2006, 22:36
Toda-ha Buko Ryu Naginata Jutsu

9th February 2006, 00:27
Do you NY/NJ Tendo/Atarashii and Buko-ryu types ever get together and do a "Naginata-only" embu? Cause if you don't, ya should! :) I don't know if there are other groups in the area...

Just let me know when so I can be there.

9th February 2006, 05:26
I don't believe we've ever done any specific embu together featuring the naginata. However, Meik Skoss came up with Fred Little during our last atarashii naginata Spring Seminar and Taikai and gave a demonstration of Toda-ha Buko-ryu. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea, though. I'm sure we'll be invited to the same festival at some point or other for a demo. I'm not sure if Meik plans on coming up to give a demo this year, though.

I haven't heard of any other naginata groups in our area.

It's very interesting to see the contrast between the two arts, though. Koryu naginata makes much more use of over-the-head kamae than atarashii naginata, and, of course, the target areas are much different. The rhythm is also much more dynamic and the footwork more free. It's also much, much less linear.

If you're interested in seeing atarashii and a tendo ryu demo, though, feel free to drop by our seminar and taikai on March 25-26. *points at the other thread with the announcement*

9th February 2006, 15:29
I study Atarashii Naginata and Jikishikage ryu Naginata Jutsu.

also just out of curiosity,

Are there any other qualified (yudansha) British Naginata players out there?

(I also study aikido)