View Full Version : Good leg stretching machines?

2nd December 2000, 23:23
Can anybody point out a good make and source for Sturdy leg strecthing machines? My leg flexability is not where I want it to be yet and am seriously considering picking one up.

7th December 2000, 13:04
Stay away from the machines. Not only will they aggravate knee problems, they will sometimes cause hip problems if you don't use them correctly, and sometimes if you do use them correctly. Example...your walking along one day, and your hip comes out of joint for no reason. Not fun at all. These are my recommendations for stretching. The Whartons' Stretch Book : Featuring the Breakthrough Method of Active-Isolated Stretching and Stretching Scientifically : A Guide to Flexibility Training. Both are available through amazon.com. The Whartons' book is a no brainer, and you just follow the directions. It works well, and would probably be all you would ever need. If you u want to do splits, then the Stretching Scientifically book will get you there, but you have to kind of custom make your own routine so its not such a no brainer.

Mark Brecht
7th December 2000, 13:14
Hm, rank is meaningless, neverless a belt can be quiet practical...

1. as a weapon

2. as tool for stretching

3. as an armsling when you dislocate your shoulder (been there, done it...)

4. to tie up...

7th December 2000, 14:21
The wharton book will tell you to go out and buy a special rope to stretch with. Rank belts work much better.