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2nd February 2006, 10:11
IŽd like to study a koryu Swordstyle in Germany. Unfortunaltely I have no idea where I can find a dojo. Do you have some adresses for me?


2nd February 2006, 14:10
There is a well-recommended Kashima Shinryu group right there in Frankfurt. I think someone else already posted the website (http://www.kashima-shinryu.de/frame.html).

You can probably find an iaido dojo, likely, I think, Muso Shinden Ryu. MSR isn't kenjutsu as such, but is koryu and most MSR dojo include training in paired sets as well as solo.

There is also a Shinto Muso Ryu group training in Frankfurt at an aikido dojo as well. Good folks, under Pascal Krieger's organization. I can ask a friend who trains with them for contact info if you're interested.

Can't speak of the Katori Shinto Ryu folks in Germany, don't know anything about them.

Also look here:

Viele Glueck!

Michael Mason
3rd February 2006, 14:43
There are several Shinkendo Dojos in Germany. Shinkendo is not a koryu, but is a comprehensive system of swordsmanship. Full background information is available at www.shinkendo.com.
For a list of European Dojos (including Germany)

Best of luck in your search.