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Gennan 53
6th February 2006, 14:19
Greetings everyone,

This posting is somewhat akin to the one that was recently started about the quality of the Katana from Last Legend.

One of our Deshi recently asked my opinion about the Masahiro Series of Katana from Collector's Edge. Is there anyone out there who could give me their input/opinion on these particular Katana and the company who sells them? Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. The URL for Collector's Edge is:


Ogenki de,

Steve Botelho
7th February 2006, 22:07
How could they be so inexpensive?

Jock Armstrong
7th February 2006, 22:20
Perhaps they reflect the "real" pricing ratio. Perhaps Chen swords, while being of reasonable quality, are [in relation to production costs, wages, etc in China] overpriced to a large degree. Compared to the price of a nihon to they are very good value for money, however, they may be highly inflated in price compared to the cost outlays in China. I haven't seen a Masahiro close up but the pics look good. I might get one just to check it out. If they are good, they will make excellent, inexpensive beginners' blades. I'm not exactly rolling in money and neither are most of my students.............

Steve Botelho
8th February 2006, 00:35
You certainly have a point about the difference in cost between where they are made and where they are sold. But. . . I still have that "furrowed brow" look about myself when I see that site. If you do pick one up I'd be interested in your observations.

Jock Armstrong
8th February 2006, 03:37
Will keep you posted.................

Gennan 53
8th February 2006, 14:51
Konnichiwa Jock-san and Steve-san,

Many thanks for the input you have provided me with so far on this topic. Like yourself, Steve-san, I was quite astounded by the pricing of these Katana. I would be very interested as well, Jock-san, to hear your assesment of one of the Masahiro blades if you decide to purchase one. Keep me posted too...

Ogenki de,

8th February 2006, 16:34
This is a guess, but I think I may have seen one of these. The site has really small photos so I can't say for sure, but based on the kissaki and the koiguchi these look the same. My comment was that the Chinese crap was getting better, but it is still crap. The blade has a very 'damascusy" hada, no visible hardened edge, and a really bad kissaki typical of Chinese stuff. The fittings looked more like Japanese stuff, but were still wrong and of low quality -- just not as obviously (especially in small photos).

8th February 2006, 16:47
Looky looky...



Gennan 53
8th February 2006, 18:43
Konnichiwa Walt-san,

Thanks for the heads-up about the thread on Sword Forum. Actually, the person who started THAT thread is the Deshi I mentioned in my initial post. Lots of good advice for him on Sword Forum, to which I will add what has been offered by all of you in this particular thread.

Doumo arigatou gozaimasu !!!

12th February 2006, 01:40
I got a fairly quick response from Collector's Edge when I asked about the type(s) of steel in their blades. Of course there wasn't much "useful" info, but for what it's worth:

The Ryumon Practical Katana has a hand forged and folded AISI1060 carbon steel blade.

I wonder if that means that the rest of their blades are non-hand-forged/folded? 1060 steel is a fairly good base for a katana, & can be differentially hardened for a good hamon. I may pick one up to see & test its quality.

4th June 2006, 02:31
i just wanted to let you all know i own a masahiro!
these swords are very nice and well constructed !
i cut test it and it cut through two 2'' diameter bamboo stalks
in one stroke!
the swords are very beautiful with cotton wrap handle, but they do not have real same though. butwell worth the money.
gerald brogdon