View Full Version : Any one have a Bugei Shobu zukuri?

paul manogue
10th February 2006, 15:34
Not an exciting post but Im looking into the Bugei shobu zukuri blade and would like opinions of anyone who has ever used one, for form or cutting.
I know I could get this at bugeis forum, but I would like an unbiased opinion.

Im not into all the hype about so many thousands of layers, mono steel is fine, but many new production swords lack the niku Im looking for in a blade.

Also if there are any who have used the shobu wakizashi I'd like to hear about that too.


10th February 2006, 16:08
One of the guys in our dojo has one. I really like the look of it and it is a big and beefy sword! It cuts pretty well but, since it has a lot of niku, it demands good form. The other side of the coin is that since it has a lot of niku, it is pretty forgiving and doesn't bend easily. He had some problems with the tsukamaki not being very tight, but they fixed that for him with no problems. I've also heard that the tsukamaki is much improved on the latest batch of swords that Bugei had delivered, but I've not seen one in person.

I have heard that their wave katana is pretty hefty, but I've not seen one. If you like, I will be out at the West Coast Tai Kai next week. I can hunt around the folks there and see if I can scare up some examples of the Bugei swords that I haven't seen and let you know.

Erik Tracy
11th February 2006, 01:38
At the risk of sounding like Paul's sock puppet, I'll have to second his assessment of Bugei's Shobu.

I used to own one myself - originally bought as a dojo cutter to share out with other students in our dojo, but also out of my own curiousity.

It is a wicked cool blade to handle and cut with. A tad on the 'robust' side for forms, but for standard cuts during tameshigiri, the blade I owned performed admirably! And very sturdy to withstand the inevitable 'bad sword day'

It isn't a fast handling blade for average sized folks like myself, so trying to do those fancy cutting patterns, like mizugaeshi or kawasemi, at taikais is not something I would do with the shobu.

I sometimes wish I hadn't sold it to one of the students.....


11th February 2006, 02:22
I want a Shobu style blade. I'm not sure if it'll be Bugei or custom yet.

I cut with a W&T so like the larger style blades.

paul manogue
11th February 2006, 02:28
thanks guys, and I look forward to whatyou hearat the tai kaiPaul. Mat, what is a W & T?

I realize now that Iposted something similar a while ago, between a d guertin and bugei shobu. Since then I gota u no kubi zukuri from LL, it cuts great, but on even light blade to blade contact chips and rolls the edge soim looking for something more robust.

11th February 2006, 03:19
W&T is a Chen Wind and Thunder. It's not a Shobu zukuri blade but is very big and heavy.

The Shobu is a big step up from it quality wise (The W&T has a nice blade but poor furniture).

I'm used to the weight so the Shobu will be a reward after I've bought my house in the next month or too. I've been good saving all year!