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15th February 2006, 22:52
I've been interested in learning this game for quite some time. Problem is there isn't that much interest here in the South for it from what I've seen. I was wondering is there a site somewhere where I can find other individuals who play in my area?

Thanks in advance for all information. Its appreciated.

16th February 2006, 00:03
The best source that I know of is the AGA chapter and club listing - http://www.usgo.org/usa/chapclub.asp.

One can also play it online. If you want to go that route, and have never played before, I'd recommend learning the basics about the rules and about life and death first. You might do this by reading about them at a site like sensei's library http://senseis.xmp.net/ and then polishing your understanding with a free go program such as igowin http://www.smart-games.com/igowin.html or gnu go http://www.gnu.org/software/gnugo/download.html. Don't play with any program too much though, they don't play balanced games, and your style will eventually start to accomodate this.

Then sign up for an account at a server such as kgs http://kgs.kiseido.com/ or igs http://www.pandanet.co.jp/English/. You can also play at, say, yahoo games, but when I last tried it, the rating system had a lot more noise than kgs.

Oh, and if you are going the online/self taught route, start with a 9x9 board; don't move up until you can at least more or less tell the difference between a strong group and a weak group. There will always be surprises, but until you have a basic sense it is hard to get a lot of extra value out of playing 19x19. Also on a 9x9 you are more likely to be punished for your mistakes right after you make them. Some people recommended starting on a 19x19 to get a sense for the feel/pace. I suggest only doing this if you are playing in person and the other person recommends this.

17th February 2006, 14:17
Sensei's Library is a great side.
The Go Teaching Ladder at http://gtl.xmp.net/ is quite good as well.
And you can go to www.goproblems.com.

And if you don't want to play go in real time, you can go to the Dragon Go Server at http://www.dragongoserver.net/ (If you want to play, just send me an invitation.)
To find go players in your area, you can probably find them there as well as on the kiseido and panda server.

Joep Schuurkes