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Ignacio R. Moreira
4th December 2000, 01:28
Manaka san:


My salutes and respects to you sir.
It is an honor to have one of the Head Hasters take a step down and a stop to regular daily activity to share time with us here on E-Budo.

Here is my question:

How do Jinenkan compare to Bujinkan and Genbukan in this aspects?

- techniques
- history
- politics

Thank you ahead for your answer.

Edgardo Roman
5th December 2000, 00:21

I was surprised to find a "practioner" from the island. Let's get in touch. I am also from Puerto Rico, I visit the
island at least once a year. It will be very gratifying to have a place to train when I visit over there. My email is roman@sgi.com and let's talk off-line. Thanks, Edgardo Roman

Fumio Manaka
5th December 2000, 14:44
Please refer to the second half of my answer to the previous question.1

Manaka Unsui

1 Sensei is referring to the question from Michael "Rolling Elbow" Panzerotti. (EB)