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Keith Frederick
4th December 2000, 09:54
Thank you Mr. Manaka for taking the time to consider our questions. Thank you e-budo.com for providing the forum that allows people from around the world to ask questions of a prominent martial artist.

My question for Mr. Manaka is:

In an article titled "Major Manaka’s Warning" - of which a portion is online at http://www.hoshindojo.com/html/majormanaka.html - you stated the following as part of a response to a question from Mr. Hayes:

"It is important to let your students know that there are so many other items to learn outside of the taijutsu training. These items of knowledge should constantly be updated. How about electronics? Or flying an airplane? In the old days, there was the bugei juhappan, or 㥾 classifications of warrior knowledge”. Now, in the modern ages, that might be closer to 180. A ninja has to know everything. Otherwise it is difficult or impossible to complete his mission."

QUESTION: Do you plan to incorporate modern aspects of "warrior knowledge" such as electronics, modern vehicle usage, etc. in your school?

Thank you.

- Keith Frederick

Fumio Manaka
5th December 2000, 14:34
I do believe that it is very important to study many different things, because human beings are animals which learn from experience. The intention of the Jinenkan is to teach the lessons necessary to live in the world through Budo.

The underlying principles of surviving in the world have not changed, just as human beings have not changed, for thousands of years. But each student also needs to pursue other areas of study which he/she finds necessary or interesting on his/her own. There are many experts in many different fields who are worth learning from. Even just to teach all the basics, techniques and kata of our Budo takes hundreds of hours, so there is a limit to how much can be taught.

Manaka Unsui