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Evan London
4th December 2000, 15:52
Greetings Unsui Sensei! It is truely an honor to have you here on E-budo with us. Thank you for agreening to participate.

I've heard several people comment negatively on the what some people percieve as the Jineknan's over-emphasis on technical excellence. How would you answer such comments?

Thank you for your time,

Evan London

Fumio Manaka
7th December 2000, 15:00
In Japan, there is an expression, "Bu-shin-wa wo motte totoshi to nasu", which roughly translated means "Achieve value through strength, heart, and peacefulness."

For a Bushi, the number of enemies he had slain was reflected in his stipend (salary). This expression was for the purpose of admonishing these kinds of violent characters. It means that both skill and awareness must be in balance, like the two wheels of a cart.

Unfortunately, the people training in the Jinenkan at this time still have insufficient skill. Thus, during the short time we have at seminars I emphasize technique. Still, when I am teaching technique, it is also my intention to teach ways of seeing and thinking by means of the strategies in the techniques.

Manaka Unsui