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Bufu Ikan
4th December 2000, 16:44
Dear Sensei,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I hope that this formu will help many to understand the nature of Kobudo. I would like to ask a question that is related to the Jinenkan.

Does the Jinenkan allow students to study any of the 6 Ryu ha in the traditional manner.

Menkyo Kaiden

Yours truly,

Fumio Manaka
5th December 2000, 13:38
Rather than the Menkyo/Mokuroku style of certification the Jinenkan uses a kyu/dan system for ranking, but the standard method of instruction in the Jinenkan is first to teach the basics, then to teach the techniques of these six Ryu-ha and those of the Jinen Ryu in same order they are written in the Densho (scrolls). Training this way is the best way to get a feel for the essence of each Ryu-ha.

Manaka Unsui