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Just some guy
4th December 2000, 19:01
Manaka Sensei,
Before I say anyting let me thank you on behalf of everyone at E-budo for taking the time to answer our questions. I can not describe what a joy it is nor can I say how exciting a time it is to be training.

Now, I was wanting to ask you about something you wrote in your introduction to this forum conserning the Japanese language's importantce in our training. I know that you wrote that you do not think that speaking Japanese is the most important part in teaching the Art but, I was wondering how important you find it in learning. Though you may not need Japanese to teach us, I was wanting to know how much you think we need Japanese to learn effectively. I was wondering if you think iit is still possible to learn everything with out sspeaking japanese.
Once again, thank you so much for reading through our questions. I look forward to reading your replies.
Chris Baker.

Fumio Manaka
6th December 2000, 14:18
Understanding Japanese culture, more than Japanese language, is the shortcut to mastering Budo. However, even among Japanese people, those who do not have the gift do not become highly skilled, and also do not comprehend, Budo.

Manaka Unsui