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10th April 2004, 06:29
A paper I have recieved lists the Tendo Ryu kata to #206;

108 Tachi vs Naginata
10 Tachi vs Jo
5 Tachi vs Kusarigama
16 Tachi vs Nito
5 Tachi vs Tanto
59 Tachi vs Tachi
3 Tachi vs Kodachi

To my memory, however, "only" #156 are still trained within the school. I have been told that most Tachi vs Tachi are lost but does someone have more exact information? Any information would be helpful.

Eric Montes
10th April 2004, 14:39
Your numbers are off. But you are correct about the Tachi sets. I have asked Mitamura Sensei about them and her response was they are lost.

Where did you get the number 156? I never heard an exact number regarding the number of kata that are practiced while I was at Shubukan.


11th April 2004, 05:54
Hello Eric!
I think I got the number 156 from Tanaka-sensei. 206-156 makes 50 meaning that there at least should be 9 tachi vs tachi that are still trained. Perhaps the number 156 is wrong but it would still be interesting to know which kata are still around. The other numbers should be correct though as it comes from Soke.

Eric Montes
15th April 2004, 06:26
Sorry it took so long to reply. Your numbers are based on the assumption that all the naginata kata in the curriculum are still practiced. That is no longer true.

There are many naginata kata that have been lost as well. I do not know specifically which ones. (I did not quiz Mitamura Sensei on the full list of kata....)

I have been told this many times (it take a long time to get through my thick skull...) Practice what you have been taught, not what is on the list or what others are doing.

Mitamura Sensei and Tanaka Sense have said on more than one occasion, the basics of Tendo Ryu are most important. If you cannot do them correctly, you will not be able to do anything else correctly.


15th April 2004, 07:26
Hello again!
So you are saying that the number 156 is not correct either? I would not dream about training anything else that I have been taught (and not even seen). My interest is from an academic approach rather than a practical one, and it would be nice to know which forms and weapons that are still used within the Tendo Ryu curriculum.

10th March 2006, 18:14
I have read the really great thread that Mr. Scott wrote at the top of this forum, providing lots of links and information about Naginata and polearms.
I am curious though please whether there is more information about Tendo-Ryu ... books, films, online sites. I also tried to browse the net for information regarding the dojos in Japan, and besides the indication that its center is in Kyoto I couldn't find anything - not even the address of that single dojo.

Thank you in advance,

Eric Montes
10th March 2006, 20:14
Information on Tendo ryu and the Shingetsukai can be found here.


There is no website in Japanese to my knowledge. This English language website was posted and approved by the Soke, Mitamura Takeko.

There has been no real need nor interest in creating a clearinghouse of information.


Nathan Scott
24th May 2013, 03:41
Hi all,

Just wanted to announce that Kimura Yasuko Sensei has just been appointed the 17th Soke of Tendo-ryu naginata.

Kimura Sensei was one of the senior students of the Mitamura Soke, and has been very actively spreading Tendo-ryu and Atarashii Naginata throughout Japan as well as Internationally. We have had the pleasure of hosting her in America a number of times (Southern California in particular), and have always enjoyed the training and walked away with nice memories. I personally am very happy to hear of her selection, and am confident she will be an excellent successor.

Best of all, it looks like Tendo-ryu will continue on for at least one more generation.


k clark
29th June 2013, 22:41
Tendo Ryu is certainly alive in Mabuchi Seiko's teachings. If anyone is interested in learning Tendo Ryu, please visit our dojo in Yokohama:


Meik Skoss
21st August 2013, 19:52
Tendo Ryu is certainly alive in Mabuchi Seiko's teachings. If anyone is interested in learning Tendo Ryu, please visit our dojo in Yokohama:


Mabuchi Seiko is an old training colleague of mine, in Shinto Muso-ryu, Toda-ha Buko-ryu, and Tendo-ryu. She is one of the most dedicated students of Tendo-ryu I have ever met and one of the most proficient. If people in the Yokohama area are interested in training in koryu bujutsu, she is definitely one of the best around.

Meik Skoss

k clark
7th August 2015, 13:31
Bumping this again to see if anyone is interested.


28th August 2015, 08:47
Short trip this year sadly

24th November 2018, 05:36
I just got a book written by late Abe Toyoko Sensei and I found there are some tachi vs tachi kata in it