View Full Version : Creating an etched hamon on folded blade...

Paulo K. Ogino
19th March 2006, 22:47

I wanted to know if anybody has any info or tips for getting an etched hamon over a folded blade. It's a 1045 blade and has been tempered but wihout clay diferentiation. Is it also possible to do it on a monosteel blade, like cold steel or similar swords? Thanks for any advice on the subject.


M. Marchionni
5th April 2006, 14:21
Most of the factory swords contain different types of alloys that cause made them impossible to temper into the water, also is necessary to consider the majority has an tang very different from traditional nakago that generate, when tempering it, the tang fractures. The modern steel that are templables to the water, and which allows the cementation, are those denominated SAE 1000 for example, SAE 1030/1045/1070, etc. The possibility exists, of generating a very tenuous line of tempering, but it is to me very complicated to explain in english. If you are interested send me a private mail and I explain you in Spanish how to do it.