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5th December 2000, 12:42


平?ャ9年1月に日本に引越して来ましたので?Aちょうどまなかさんの道?黷ノ?sけな!なりました?B?Fんなビデオを 見ておりまして?A特に棒?pのビデオで?uさすがに素?ーらしい?vと思っておりました?B

もし良ければ?A??_館道?黷ゥら離れた?由を聞きたいと思っております?B?Fんなところに?uお金のため?vとか?A ?uア?リカに?Zみたいから?vとか?Aそういうウ?サを聞いておりまして?Aやはり直?レまなかさんからその?燒セを して頂ければ?Kいと思っております?B

?煙ゥ??カと?u?道の?怩笳ャれはなんだと?vという事は同意?o来なかったわけでしょうか?B又は?Aご自分で?道の ?[さの中で?Fんな事を!見したかった事でしたか?B?道の?「界の中で?A?lは自分の??カから離れ自分の組?Dと流派 を?るのは珍しい事かも知れませんので?Aどうか?o来れば?Aまなかさんの?燒セを聞きたいと思っております?B




Evan London
5th December 2000, 17:10
Anyone care to translate this for the forum? Thank you for your help.
Evan London

Eric Baluja
6th December 2000, 14:08
Dear Shawn,

Dave and Sensei are apparently having some trouble reading the kanji in your post (their browser is giving them a hard time). Could I trouble you to repost this in English?

Thanks for your time and trouble.

Eric Baluja

6th December 2000, 14:46

It was my intention to save work for the translator by writing in Japanese. My apologies for the inconvenience it caused. The question concerns Mr. Manaka's reasons for deciding to "go out on his own," and could appear sensitive if the nuances of Japanese politeness levels in speech are omitted. It is hard to convey these in English, another reason why I posted in Japanese. It also means that Mr. Manaka receives exactly what I meant to say rather than how someone I do not know interpreted it. Mr. Manaka seems to be taking care to skirt any issues requiring statements regarding the Bujinkan, so he may choose not to address the post, which is fine. If that is the case I will withdraw the question. For now, I hope a romaji rendering will be enough to have Mr. Manaka and Dave understand what I am trying to say, including sincere nuances of respect.

Thank you.


Ryuu wo Tsukutta Riyuu

Manaka-san he,

Gurei to moushimasu.
Yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu.

Heisei 9nen 1gatsu ni nihon ni hikkoshite kimashita no de, choudo Manaka-san no doujou ni ikenakunatta jikan deshita. Ironna bideo wo mite orimashite, toku ni boujutsu no bideo de "Sasuga ni subarashii" to omotte orimashita.

Moshi yokereba, Bujinkan Doujou kara hanareta riyuu wo kikitai to omotte orimasu. Ironna tokoro ni "Okane no tame da" to ka, "America ni sumitai kara" to ka, sou iu uwasa wo kiite orimashite, yahari chokusetsu Manaka-san kara sono setsumei wo shite itadakereba saiwai to omotte orimasu.

Moushikashite Hatsumi Sensei to "Budou no kotsu ya nagare ha nan da to" to iu koto ha doui dekinakatta wake deshou ka. Mata ha, gojibun de budou no fukasa no naka de ironna koto wo hakken shitakatta koto deshita ka. Budou no sekai no naka de, hito ha jibun no sensei kara hanare jibun no soshiki to ryuuha wo tsukutte shimau koto ha muzurashii to kangaerareru ka mo shiremasen no de, douka dekireba Manaka-san no setsumei wo kikitai to omotte orimasu.

Yoroshiku onegai moushiagemasu.


Gurei Sho-n
Bujinkan Doujou
Chiba-ken Abiko-shi

John Lindsey
6th December 2000, 14:47

Eric Baluja
6th December 2000, 15:01
Thanks for making the extra effort, Shawn! I'll make sure he takes a look at it. I've also sent him the original Japanese version as a GIF, which hopefully will give him less trouble.

Eric Baluja

Fumio Manaka
7th December 2000, 14:13
[Translator's note to Shawn: I apologize if my translation does not do justice to your Japanese, but as this is a public forum all postings need to be in English so nobody gets the feeling they are being left out of something. ?EDavid Hewitt]

Subject: The reason why you created a ryu

Dear Manaka-san,

My name is Shawn Gray. It is my pleasure to make contact with you. I moved to Japan in January of 1997, just at the time when it became impossible to go to your dojo. Having watched a number of videos, especially the Bojutsu video, my impression was that your movement is truly wonderful.

If it does not offend you, I would like to ask the reason why you left the Bujinkan Dojo. I have heard rumors from various places that it was for the money or because you want to live in America, but I thought I might be fortunate enough to hear an explanation directly from you.

Could it possibly have been that you were unable to agree with Hatsumi Sensei on what was the essence or the proper flow of a true martial art? Or was it that you wanted to make various discoveries for yourself within the depths of Budo? In the martial arts world, it could be considered rare for somebody to leave their teacher and create their own Ryu-ha and organization, so if it pleases you, Manaka san, I hope I could hear your explanation.

Sincerest Regards,

Shawn Gray
Bujinkan Dojo
Abiko City, Chiba Prefecture


There was more money to be made by staying in the Bujinkan. For various reasons, I was unable to stay with Hatsumi Sensei.

Manaka Unsui

7th December 2000, 21:48
Originally posted by Fumio Manaka
[Translator's note to Shawn: I apologize if my translation does not do justice to your Japanese, but as this is a public forum all postings need to be in English so nobody gets the feeling they are being left out of something. ?EDavid Hewitt]

Thanks David.
I thought that if I initially posted in English it might be deemed 'politically sensitive' and censored before Manaka-san had time to decide for himself. I was intending to delete the post if there was not a response, and to translate it into English if there was a response, but you did a good job of it. :) Thanks.