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5th December 2000, 14:08
Dear forum readers,
Sorry I'm not sure if this post should be in this forum, but it seemed to be the most suitable forum to me.

Now I haven't actually had any reiki attunements (not enough money), all I really know about it is what comes from one of my mate's brother. I'm interested in getting an attunement, so I started searching the net to find some information, I happened to come across this site- http://www.oznumberone.net/reiki/reiki.htm

I was hoping that anyone reading this who has had their attunements could tell me whether or not what they are proposing is possible or not, or if they sound legitimate.

Your's sincerely,
Ben Rodgers juseki@hotmail.com

6th December 2000, 22:51
I don't see any problem with posting this here, but you're likely to get more answers posting in Budo and the Body forum, as Reiki is - from my experience - generally viewed as a healing thing.. (Note the complete lack of knowledge about the subject here!)