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Steve Greenfield
5th December 2000, 15:41
Dear Unsui Sensei,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer the questions posted here.

I hope you could clear up some questions that have been circulating this message board for a while regarding the Gyokko Ryu, and since you have Menkyo Kaiden in this school you are in a good position to help answer some of them.

1. Gyokko Ryu has Ninpo/Ninjutsu within it's teachings , but is it primarily a school of Koshijutsu or Ninpo?

2. There have been rumours of a '4th' level to Gyokko ryu that is taught at Kaiden/Menkyo Kaiden level,(I think it has been called the Hekiku / Mutodori level and is shown in Hatsumi sensei's English Book Essence of Ninjutsu page 84) does this level exist?

Regarding Kukishinden/Kukishin Ryu

1.For Hanbojutsu, were techniques from the Kukishin Ryu branch as well as the kukishinden branch(i.e. 9 shoden ,4 Chuden and 3 Okuden) taught to you by Hatsumi sensei and do you teach these also?

And finally :-)

1. Were you taught the other schools that Hatsumi sensei learnt such as Asayama Ichiden ryu ?

Thank you for your time.

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Fumio Manaka
7th December 2000, 14:20
Gyokko Ryu is Kosshijutsu. I received Menkyo Kaiden in Gyokko Ryu, but I know nothing about a 4th level. The answer to your second and third questions is yes.

Manaka Unsui