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Brian Stokes
24th March 2006, 16:59
Hello to All,

A group of individuals have started a Suio Ryu study group in San Francisco on Wednesday nights. For more information please visit www.suioryu-bu-rai-an-dojo.org. (The Suio Ryu is one of the oldest extant sogo bujutsu koryu in Japan, established around 1615ce.)


Brian Stokes
Suio Ryu of Iai Kenpo

15th October 2006, 21:53
hello- anyone have any info on a group forming for suio-ryu in san francisco or shindo muso ryu under eric montes??if so please drop me a note at eamonndeane@msn.com thankyou-eamonn

17th October 2006, 21:51
Please see my post in the JO section.

but in short yes their is a study group run by Chris and Ryan they practice on Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the DanceGround Keriac studio, 1805 Divisadero St., San Francisco. For more information please contact them at swordscholars@yahoo.com

Matthew Anglin

23rd October 2007, 06:35
Additional information will follow. Please visit www.suioryu-usa.org

Brian Stokes
25th October 2007, 05:13
Suio RyuŽ and Suio Ryu of Iai KenpoŽ are trademarks of the Suio RyuŽ, Japan

Brian Stokes

25th October 2007, 05:58
Yes, of course-my bad. (Humbly, my inability to find the <r> or <tm> symbol on this bare-bones mini-keyboard should not have led to that lapse or oversight when posting.:eek:) Thanks for the correction. Anyways, for the latest information on our training in Suio Ryu<r> please visit www.suioryu-usa.org <tm>

Bruce Mitchell
28th July 2013, 07:27

The Suio Ryu is one of the few extant koryu, or ancient systems of martial arts, practiced today. It was founded around 1600 by Mima Yoichizaemon Kagenobu, and has followed the traditional method of oral transmission. Today, the head of the Suio Ryu is Katsuse Yoshimitsu Kagehiro, who lives and teaches in Shizuoka City (formerly Shimizu city) in Shizuoka prefecture in Japan.

It encompasses a broad variety of techniques from pure iai-jutsu drawing techniques, to semi-armored grappling techniques called kogusoku. Amongst the waza, or techniques, of the Suio Ryu are jojutsu, paired sword forms called kumi-iai, naginata-jutsu, pure kenpo sword forms, and wakizashi techniques. The emphasis of the Suio Ryu is practical application; although kata practice is the norm, every technique is intended to be delivered with full strength and intent, as if one were actually cutting against a live opponent. In many ways, this is part of what makes the Suio Ryu unique, for most of the techniques that comprise a kata are meant to be paired against techniques from other waza so that their applications can be both understood and tested.

The Suio Ryu was brought to America thanks to the efforts of Kiyoshi Yamazaki, who met with Katsuse-sensei and arranged for several of his students to begin training in the Suio Ryu. Since then, they have trained diligently under Katsuse-sensei's direction, and were allowed to join the Suio Ryu family as a full branch organization. Today, there are several dojo in America that are officially permitted to teach Suio-ryu, including Anaheim and Irvine in Southern California, San Francisco, Rhode Island, Ohio, Omaha, and Washington.

The San Francisco Shibu is currently accepting new students and holds practices on Saturday from 10:00am-1:00pm and Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8:30 pm at:
Danceground Keriac
1805 Divisidero St.
San Francisco, CA 94115