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26th March 2006, 23:15
I will be competing in a Kyokushin tournament April 29th in Seattle and so will Johnst_nhb, I will also be competing in the World Oyama Cup on June 4th in San Francisco and was wondering if any of you knew of any other knockdown tournaments in the USA around July to August.
I'm trying to compete in 3 before Winter and am "warming up" for next year's Sabaki Challenge. Thank you for any info and/or tips.

27th March 2006, 15:56
Do they need to be in the west coast (USA) area?

27th March 2006, 16:45
No, but I was preferrably looking for at least one other in North America around july/august/september.

28th March 2006, 14:36
The Northeast Sabaki Regional is usually the last week in September. It's sponsored by the New Jersey Enshin dojo: http://www.enshinnewjersey.com/

September 23rd is IKO(1)'s All-American Karate Championship (I believe this was previously called the America's Cup) in New York:


30th March 2006, 05:16
Thank you very much for the info!

30th March 2006, 13:48
One more:

Shidokan is working to schedule a tournament for later this year in Las Vegas. They don't have a date yet but to keep watching their website it's at: