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5th December 2000, 20:43
I would first like to convey my gratitude to you for openly participating in a discussion as this one. Sometimes answers are elusive and times like these are rare. My question is this: How do you go about teaching a living ryu when it, as yourself, is everchanging? I pose this question because I currently received my Shidoshi-ho license in the Bujinkan and I feel I am having trouble translating ever-changing life experience into black and white techniques. Since you have been studying and teaching longer than I have lived, I look to you for any direction you may offer. It will be greatly appreciated.


David Clifford

Fumio Manaka
7th December 2000, 14:26
After you have achieved certain mastery of the basics, if the opponent changes what he is doing and you respond, techniques should emerge naturally.

Manaka Unsui