View Full Version : Yokozuna Deliberation Council meeting opened to public

M. McPherson
30th March 2006, 19:51
For anyone in Tokyo on the 29th of April, the Sumo Kyokai just opened up these formerly closed training sessions to the general public. Admission's free, it's on a Saturday, and it lasts about three and a half hours. FYI


Todd Lambert
30th March 2006, 23:40
I highly recommend this for any and all with an interest in sumo. They have been open to the general public for years, but were formerly closed.

soken, joint traning session for sanyaku rank (including yokozuna) and maegashira-joi; observed by yokozuna shingi iinkai (yokozuna deliberation council); since May 2000 soken has been open also to juryo division rikishi and even to twenty first makushita-joi; soken is open to and free of charge for spectators (since May 2000) and it is held before every Tokyo honbasho.

Adapted from the glossary at Sumoforum.net :)