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6th December 2000, 02:59
Manaka-san, thank you for honoring us with your wisdom and experience.

I wanted to know how your training in the martial arts has improved the connection with your surroundings? How has the application of martial arts improved your flow with the world as a whole?

Thank You.

Fumio Manaka
7th December 2000, 14:51
Without Kuzushi (an unbalancing action), techniques do not work. The movement of human society is exactly the same. When you wish to do something, you must create conditions in which others have no choice but to accept it. Budo and the way of living as a human being are one and the same. "Bu-shin-wa wo motte totoshi wo nasu."

Manaka Unsui

[Moderatorís note: See Senseiís response to Evan Londonís question for a feeling of the meaning of this phrase.]