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6th April 2006, 22:55
East Sussex

Every thursday night 7.30pm, over 16s only for training in 'old' style shorin ryu.

Also bimonthly workshops saturday 1pm on specific subjects, currently 'tegumi'

PM me for more details.

All welcome.

Prince Loeffler
7th May 2006, 05:13
Sorry to resurrect an old thread ! Jim what style of "Shorin Ryu" does your club follows ?


Paul Hart
9th May 2006, 13:42
I am not Jim, but maybe I can let you know.

I believe Jim Neeter does Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu, Ronald Lindsey Lineage.

15th May 2006, 11:25
hi there,

sorry to have missed this response!

The system I teach is Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karatedo, old 'style' as a life preservation art.

I train with Roger Sheldon Sensei in the UK, who has studied Seito Matsumura Shorin Ryu for a long time now (significantly under Ron lindsey Sensei some time back), however my Sensei teaches his own system called Shinseido Shorin Ryu.

My history includes blackbelts in sankukai, shito ryu and matsubayashi shorin ryu over the last 21 years, its just karate...................!

Prince Loeffler
15th May 2006, 17:01
Thanks Jim, Its true Karate is Karate, But I am more fascinated with the all Okinawan System like poeple who collect stamps. :)

15th May 2006, 19:07
snap, my focus is on the Okinawan methods, and particulary the 'older' model !

7th March 2010, 08:38
Just to advise the board that as of April 2010 our dojo will also be holding weekley Monday night training sessions,

So training is Monday & Thursday 8-9.30pm, Uckfield, East Sussex.

We also have fairly regular long weekend sessions, and I teach a small number of private lessons each week.

We now fully represent my teacher in Italy, Shorin Ryu Seito Matsumura Karate & Kobudo and are the only dojo in the UK to do so.

I only teach 16 plus age, but can reccomend othe rlocal dojo for children to start at.

Visit my web Blog or contact me for more details.

Many thanks.

17th April 2013, 21:58
The dojo is now well established and we train every Monday and Thursday night, 8.30-10pm.

I am interested in finding a few new, long term students only, aged 18 plus please.