View Full Version : Visit a swordmaker, is it possible?

7th April 2006, 20:00
Hello all,
As I'll be in Tokyo and Kyoto next week, is it possible to visit a swordmaker? Do one need to take a special rendez-vous or it is enough to call just before coming?
where can I find the adresses of swordsmith around Tokyo/Kyoto area?

7th April 2006, 20:08
There is a student of Yoshindo Yoshihara sensei who speaks English and has a shop in Tokyo. I think his name is Ono (?). What is cool about him (if you have the time) you can take a class with him and make a kogatana (side knife that fits in the scabard of a katana) in a signle day! It costs a few hundred dollars to do but it would be a great chance to learn about swords first hand! If you want I'll check into it for you. He has an English website somewhere.

7th April 2006, 20:40
Check out this website. The bottom two gentlemen teach a class on kogatana making. Might be worth your time to check out! Oda Kuzan sensei speaks fluent English, too.


7th April 2006, 23:06
Takano Yukimitsu is a deshi of Mukansa smith Ono Yoshimitsu who in turn trained under both Yoshihara brothers (Yoshindo and Shoji). Obviously Yoshimitsu is on his own now and is often featured in films, etc. Talented fella -- his Yamatorige blades are jaw-dropping. We have a Heian inspired piece up on our site for sale right now that amazes people. Takano Yukimitsu is not yet in the same class as Ono Yoshimitsu (who commands over $40K for a daito nowadays). Yukimitsu does offer a kogatana making class but you need to contact him and get it set up beforehand. He does a lovely Ayasugi hada in his kogatana. We've sold a number of his kogatana in the last year. Nice work. I had some pictures of his work in the photo gallery section of our Moderntosho site (http://moderntosho.com) (including also a few shots of a few blades by Yoshimitsu as well). That would be an obvious direction to try since you could not only see how its done but smack some steel yourself.

If you want contact info, PM off the board.