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Prince Loeffler
8th April 2006, 19:33
I thought Id make an effort to keep all these interesting videos of interesting karate tournaments in one thread for easy searching purposes.

Anyone else wants to contribute please try to include the title on the heading section and a brief description of the link you submitted to avoid double posting of the links.

Ill Start and hopefully the rest will follow and turn this thread into a big extensive library of Kumite Tournaments for your viewwing pleasure.

Note: I do not know how long some of these links lifespan, if you find links that are no longer working , please let me know so that we can request it to be removed.

Prince Loeffler
8th April 2006, 19:38
Alex Biamonti (WKF) highlights his career in karate in this video:


Prince Loeffler
8th April 2006, 19:48
Interesting video highlights as it features "contact" made from the competitors.


Prince Loeffler
8th April 2006, 19:55
John Fonseca Highlights Video