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6th December 2000, 17:02
Dear Manaka-sensei,

First of, thanks so much for taking the time to come on out and hopefully answer some decent questions about the systems we've all been lucky enough to study from Hatsumi-sensei and Takamatsu-sensei.

My question deals with the three Kuji forms associated with Koto-ryu and their bearing on the different levels of kata within the ryu.

I have heard that the three kuji are the kongo gassho, suirin gassho, and kaku gassho. From some research I have done on the subject with regards to Mikkyo, the kongo attitude is one of being unshakeable, and committed to overcoming one's opponents. In some Buddhist mudra, it also represents a feeling of "conquering demons." Does this relate to the way the shoden waza should be practiced with this kind of firm resolve? Would this type of attitude be directly associated to bobi no kamae in particular or all the kamae? And if these do correspond like so, how do the other two kuji relate to the rest of the Koto-ryu material?

Thanks very much for taking the time to answer these questions.

Kindest Regards,
Frank Champas

Fumio Manaka
7th December 2000, 15:39
I regret to say I have never learned about these Kuji-in.

Manaka Unsui