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22nd April 2006, 03:12
I'm not too sure if this is the right place for these few questions, but is seems to me that they touch main upon the shin(kokoro) of budo/jutsu training. And probably others have asked the questions before hand, though I don't want this to come off as a effective or ineffective training debate. Doesn't matter to me at this point.
With what intent does one approach the training within Koryu, and what intent strives to which goal?
In this I mean, what is it to come into practice and use the kata as moving meditation, or having the intent to kill the other person, and also have the intent of defending yourself. How do you recoincile(sp?) the intent to kill or hurt with partner-training, am I to stop the intent of attack?
I feel as though I understand (not fully of course) some of the esoterics involved with the Mind/Intent/Martial connexion, yet sometimes it seems to me, this knowledge, to be only a materialistic manifested understanding of the philosophies (as strange as it sounds).
With what intent do you go into training?

3rd November 2006, 21:35
Hi Amir....I see no one has answered you and I kinda understand why lol - its a very big question that you ask.

My intention when I enter the dojo, is to be as sensitive/attentive/aware as possible and try to be present to what is happening in the moment. This way of training is incredibly useful as it aids receptivity, brings you into the 'here and now', lets the mind/body work as one rather than against each other (and therefore lets the student really enjoy the expression of their movements), and finally enables the student to discover various things about themselves so it aids self development.

This way of training in Budo can of course be applied to outside the dojo in the urban jungle that bombards our senses every second of every day.