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7th December 2000, 04:05
Manaka Sensei,

Hatsumi Sensei has declared 2001 the year of Gyokko Ryu. With that in mind, I had a question regarding the kamae of this ryu-ha. I was hoping that you would be able to help sort out which kamae are correct for Gyokko Ryu. My notes have the following kamae:

Sandan No Kamae
1. Migi Ichimonji No Kamae
2. Hidari Ichimonji No Kamae
3. Migi Hichou No Kamae
4. Hidari Hichou No Kamae
5. Migi Juumonji No Kamae
6. Hidari Juumonji No Kamae

Sanpo Hiden Kamae
1. Jouryaku Kamae
a. Ten Ryaku Uchuu Gasshou No Kamae
2. Chuuryaku Kamae
a. Chi Ryaku Fuuten Goshin Gasshou No Kamae
3. Geryaku Kamae
a. Han-o Han-eki Gasshou Mizu-Juji No Kamae

Other Kamae
1. Hanin No Kamae
2. Soko No Kamae
3. Ryuuhou No Kamae
4. Asuka No Kamae
5. Tora Hen Komochi Tora No Kamae
6. Doko No Kamae
7. Ton Ryu No Kamae

Any assistance you can provide to help me identify the structure and kamae in Gyokko Ryu would be greatly appreciated.

Josh Sager
Bujinkan Buyuu Doujou Princeton

Fumio Manaka
8th December 2000, 13:45
There are only three fundamental kamae in Gyokko Ryu: Ichimonji, Jumonji and Hicho.

Manaka Unsui

8th December 2000, 20:22

Your reply to the first poster's question made me curious; what exactly are the Tenryaku Uchu Gassho, Futen Goshin Gassho, and Han-o Han-eki Mizu-Juji Gassho?

Thanks for your time.

Rahul Bhattacharya

Fumio Manaka
10th December 2000, 15:34
When beginning the techniques of the Jo, Chu or Geryaku scrolls of Gyokko Ryu, one makes these In with the fingers to create the proper feeling.

Manaka Unsui