View Full Version : 3rd Iwamoto Tournament 2006 on KGS

4th May 2006, 21:07
registration starts now :)

Dear go player,

It is our pleasure to announce that the Third Iwamoto Tournament will
take place on KGS during the months of May - July. Free registration at
www.achgo.cl/iwamoto/2006 will open April 30.

This tournament brings together players from all over the world, in a
celebration of the work and legacy of the great sensei Iwamoto Kaoru. It
is played without handicap, with the players divided into several
categories according to their level. It lasts 8 rounds (one round per week).

We hope you will participate in this third version of the tournament,
which last year brought together more than 300 players. Please help us
help get the word out by distributing this message among the players you

For more information, please visit www.achgo.cl/iwamoto2006

Respectfully yours,

Iwamoto Tournament Administrator