View Full Version : Repetition of Kata Training Vs. Shinken Gata

7th December 2000, 17:15

Thank you for your response to my previous question.

My next question deals with the ideal within the Jinenkan of perfection of kata in training as a way of becoming masterful in combat. In my profession, I need tools for self-defense right away and may not have the necessary time to practice a kata thousands of times in order to get it right. How does the Jinenkan reconcile endless repetition of kata over the need for immediate self-protection ability? For example, muto dori kata may take years to get right, but I may need to use it tomorrow night if someone pulls a knife on me, so how would you recommend training for such a possibility?

Obviously kata training is vital to mastery of taijutsu, but a lot more goes into the development of a warrior than just practicing in front of a mirror. What do you teach your Jinenkan members to enable them to develop real-world skills from the start of training? Do you include randori in the training? What about henka?

Thanks very much for your response!

Frank Champas

Fumio Manaka
8th December 2000, 12:48
The basics are the basics because they are the most important techniques for fighting. There is no shortcut to developing reliable fighting skills; you need to practice correct technique and keep doing so. If somebody is learning to fly an airplane, you do not put them on a real plane before they know what the buttons and levers do. If beginners do randori, they will develop bad habits and it is also dangerous.

Manaka Unsui