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Steve Greenfield
7th December 2000, 19:28
Dear Unsui Sensei,
thank you for your answer to my previous question. I have a question regarding solo training, what exercises or techniques do you think we should practise (e.g. sanshin, junan taisho etc.) on a daily basis to improve our taijutsu?
Thank You

Fumio Manaka
8th December 2000, 13:50
It is necessary to practice the basics (punching, kicking, ukemi, Kihon Happo, etc.) as often as possible to develop real skill. Flexibility, especially in the hip joints, is also important.

Manaka Unsui

20th February 2001, 13:58
This is a good question and something I have been trying to figure out in my 9 years of BTJ. It is still not clear to me, but thanks to Manaka, Sensei for his tips.

James Fraser

24th February 2001, 14:10
Dear Unsui Sensei,

Because I couldn't put a new post I will try to ask you the question here.

I read a book lately called "the power of the ki" wrotte by the founder of the ki society (sorry I cant't remember his name). It talks about inner power and spiritual strenght. I remember Ueshiba sensei's pictures or videos, we see 3 or 4 people pushing him with strenght and he didn't move, or pictures about a person who is straight between two chairs, 2 or 3 people sitting on his body and he doesnt feel pain.

On the book "Essence of Ninjutsu" we can see Hatsumi sensei doing exactily the same things, like walk on broken glass, He call this "Ninja tricks".

Training is important to build a strong and flexible body, but does really a form of "Ki" inner power exist in Ninpo? Does it depend of the person training? How must we train to develop it? What do you think about it?

Thanks a lot!
Best Wishes for the future.

26th February 2001, 10:54
Because I think a forum is also a way to express oneselfs in a manner that sometimes we have some answer for a friend, I would like to say the following :

Ninpo is a sphere. There are no things we should cut or delete because we do not like them. But, as wisdom teaches it, there is a time for every thing to happen.

Solo training should involve both sides of in and io , yin and yang. Hard Training and Soft Training. Junan Taiso and enforcing natural weapons. Meditative sessions and pure action. And you can continue this listing.....

But there is a time for each. It wouldn't seem appropriate to try some night training after having been swimming in ice-cold water during the day... Body needs to regain N-R-G... One of our focus should be the ability to FEEL what we need, to harmonize our soul, body and spirit. But we should be carefull.... Because a lot of people take easily this excuse to start a lazy way of training. Sometimes it is necessary to force a little bit the starting point for hard training.

==Now you, Manaka sensei... ;-) I'm happy to meet you instead it is only in the spiritual world of internet, lol, but I would like to now HOW you meet Soke. I mean in which circumstances and how you both feelt one about the other. Thank you for the answer.==

Dear Friends, I wish you a very good and pleasant journey on this magnificent budo, Ninpo.

Eric Baluja
26th February 2001, 17:16
Dear friends,

This forum has been closed since December, 2000. Manaka Sensei is not currently taking questions in this forum. I nevertheless encourage you to discuss the topics you have raised in other forums.

Thank you for understanding,

Eric Baluja
Moderator (retired), Spotlight on Budo forum with Manaka Unsui Sensei